Lighted 3-D Scroll Saw Shadowbox | WWMM ART & DESIGN

Get $50 toward any Casper mattress purchase at and use promo code: WWMM Scroll saw art! This shadowbox has three layers …


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  1. Nice project a really good looking shadow box.  Thanks

  2. ebchew disse:

    Did you get this idea from an identical piece at a Michaels store?

  3. Oh! Wow that's Beautiful Steve !

  4. Geoff Beck disse:

    I wish there were two like buttons!! Awesome!! Thanks Steve.

  5. You should sign and date your art.

  6. Jon Lambert disse:

    Do the lights cause the back to heat up alot?

  7. Len Evans disse:

    Hi Steve what a great item thanks for sharing this with us

  8. Wildman Tech disse:

    Great looking project Steve!

  9. [ KowToo] disse:

    What was that wire you were using i would like to get into woodworking

  10. Things in this catagory really makes me miss my ex-husband's dad, he had an amazing workshop.

    Dang it Steve, why you tease me so? Lol!

  11. Earl Mace disse:

    Thanks Steve. I'm new to scroll sawing, but it turned out great. A fun project.

  12. biglar155 disse:

    I built it for my wife as a surprise gift. She (and all her friends) LOVE it. I used birch plywood for both the frame and the panels. I was on a budget and couldn't do the expensive LED light set so I went with a $2.99 wally-world LED light set for a Christmas village. Not quite as bright as the more expensive set, but some white paint on the back of the panels helps bounce the light around and nearly makes up for it. (I attached the light string to the panel with hot glue.) Thanks for a great project and a great gift idea!

  13. Raza disse:

    I made 5 of these for family members. They all loved it (plus it was a good excuse to buy a scroll saw). Thanks much for the project ideas

  14. Matthew Young disse:

    That wasn't a chisel I saw. also you could put a photo at the back towards the top. Nice one

  15. Amigo me puede hacer el favor de regalarme las plantillas en PDF. Mi email es: [email protected]

  16. Wayne Earls disse:

    How did you do that?! Jk I watched the video.

  17. I love it! One of my favourite vids!

  18. Shimi Perets disse:

    i like this project do you can tell me the size for this project please

  19. Nice little decorative piece, and probably one of your best funny casper commercials made :p

  20. Andrea Melado disse:

    How could i make some of the pic pieces move? Thanks!!

  21. i have made two as gifts..but i was wondering am i the only one who noticed the smoke with no chimney??

  22. Amber Mancha disse:

    Hey Steve! I am more of a Diy'er small crafter. Do you think it would be beneficial to get a scroll saw or something like the Bladerunner X2 from Rockwell? I don't have very many tools and am really getting into wood working! Just wondering your thoughts. Sometimes I buy beginner stuff and grow out of them so did't want to waste the money!

  23. wow this is awesome!!! I love shadow boxes!