How to build a TARDIS! Limited tools needed. Free plans.

Free TARDIS plans: I’ve had more requests to build a TARDIS than any other project.


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  1. gamingprime disse:

    what is the type of wood ?

  2. What are the sizes of the wood I can't make one with out the measurements of the wood

  3. Edvader disse:


  4. Charity Wolf disse:

    where are the free plans??

  5. VideoTim disse:

    I will build this but only the front Door

  6. Do you think if I change the plans around, that the Tardis could be rated for extended outdoor use? Like changing the type of wood and heavily sealing everything

  7. He makes it look so easy. I always end up cracking the wood. Does anyone know an alternative way to attach the wood without using the sideways hole driller thingy? I don't have one and I just want to complete my TARDIS without problems. Thanks to anyone who can help.

  8. More Stallard disse:

    omg can you make me one of these

  9. Could I leave the back off so I can make it an entrance to a room?

  10. Tim SteinFire disse:

    Hey I was wondering what hardware you used to attach the signs above the doors? Also who provided the vinyl signs? Thanks! Great Video! 😀

  11. Paul Villano disse:

    Do you have a materials list?

  12. Julie Mell disse:

    we used your plans to make our own tardis and i have to say it's fabulous….thanks

  13. Ricky Andrea disse:

    about the exterier color; the shade of the color varys upon whitch model you build, some are grayish blue, a few are dark blue, the one yoyur making is the color of the 10th doctor TARDIS

  14. Alan Coker disse:

    But the TARDIS is bigger on the inside. So how can you make. such a small frame ?

  15. What type of woo did you use adn is it ideal for lal weather conditions? i want to make a tool shed with it.

  16. I would rather steal one then build one.

  17. Hey Steve, I absolutely love how you've done this great tutorial and its really helping me as I prepare for a fan film Im trying to start and I need to build a tardis so I was curious, whats the entire list of supplies you used to make this? are they all listed in the plans? and are there any tools that are just as good as a miter saw that can be subbed in for one? and how much did it cost to make? I would love to hear back from you soon, thanks!

  18. How much money did you spend for this projekt

  19. Raph CJ disse:

    You should've kept it like the wrong one because that is what police boxes had

  20. mrsdoctorsong disse:

    I couldn’t watch after he started saying roof wrong.

  21. Grimm Book disse:

    Very nice, though I’m gonna have to definitely make the dimensions bigger for mine.

  22. blackham7 disse:

    I got to visit the interior tardis set in newport in 2006 through blue peter