Crazy and fun painting technique! | Hydro Dipping

Here’s a fun painting technique that is fun to use on small projects. I tried it on a picture frame and it looks great! SUBSCRIBE! ▻▻ …


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  1. Azayles disse:

    Nice work, Steve! 😀 It's like dipping your projects in liquid Jackson Pollock 😛
    If you hold onto the work and swirl the water around once it's submerged, that should also push away the remaining paint 🙂

  2. Very cool ! Thamks for all you do Steve ……Enjoy your vids!

  3. Wonder, great design, congratulations brother …

  4. Making Stuff disse:

    this technique is amazing!

  5. Marco A disse:

    That looks awesome. Just gave me an idea for a jewelry box for my daughter. Thanks

  6. Lady Shrooms disse:

    I've done that to my fingernails for years haha

  7. Ron Briz disse:

    Steve, that's the neatest thing I've seen in a long time, even my wife likes this!

  8. Bigman1anfox disse:

    you should try this method with testers model paint

  9. BronkBuilt disse:

    Takes me back to my college days after taking my…. um…. vitamins

  10. i love this .. i shall make a business of it this spring

  11. Water marbling for wood! I usually do this with my nails!

  12. Nash Dunker disse:

    Would it work with just 1 solid color saving time spray painting?

  13. MrBoggles disse:

    Guitars guitars guitars!!!

  14. How would I do this and sell it as modern art

  15. That's cool, wonder how it would work fabric. Would make some wild tshirts.

  16. Amie Davis disse:

    How about a wooden bowl? Perhaps a pencil holder?

  17. Totally reminds me of paper marbling!! I'm going give this a shot!
    Love the channel Steve, GO RAIDERS !

  18. it's like a rainbow exploded lol…picture frame turned out awsome..great video.

  19. That's a great idea! I need to try that with one of my next projects. Thank you!

  20. Zachary Nixon disse:

    I think you need to use about 3x more paint to get full coverage

  21. What happened to new videos every Friday?! Your slacking!

  22. This is great! I'm going to try this project with my kids!

  23. Radoslaw33 disse:

    That is awesome , didn't think it is so easy , thanks for shareing

  24. DIY Maker disse:

    Can you clear coat after is dry?

  25. karl craig disse:

    love it ,,,now how to get a whole skirting board in a bucket ???can you imagine

  26. Hi Steve, I wonder if Hydro-Dipping would work with Oil Based Poly?,,,,ummmm

  27. Azraei Azman disse:

    does this work with any spray paint?

  28. Wildman Tech disse:

    Pretty cool. Have you seen that rendition of Starry Night done this way?

  29. Lizarc disse:

    this would make for out of the league push sticks

  30. If I were to combine this with the Marshmallow Crossbow.. Would you suggest dipping the finished Crossbow (minus the rubber and rope bowstring) or dip each piece before assembly?

  31. Did you try shaking the whole part when its submerged instead of using stick to push away paint? thats what professional hydrodipping process works. dont know it will work with spraypaint.

  32. this was used in guitars back in the day. the method was called swirling. it's better to use two colors at a time and use warm water, oil based enamel and borax to help keep the paint floating on the top of the water. When I tried it in the past I found using 1 and 1/2 table spoons of borax to every gallon of water.

  33. John Turner disse:

    that is cool. gonna have to try this out

  34. BOBBY disse:

    can one use normal paint or only spray paint

  35. In the nail world that's called water marbling! I like the concept. Lol

  36. Really similar to guitar swirling