Make a Tea Tray. Woodworking Challenge ft. Steve Ramsey from WWMM

What does your town, state, or country mean to you? Steve Ramsey from Woodworking For Mere Mortals joins me in this video to set a challenge: Build …


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  1. Awesome video! Very inspiring. What is the dimension of your tray?

  2. joey nakama disse:

    Awesome work. Professionally done.

  3. Claudio C. disse:

    Hi, your works are really beutiful, what kind of spray do you use to finish the wood? And how many times?

  4. Josh Steiner disse:

    I'm Making a fillet board, as I live in Northern NY, where Ice fishing is boss, in the shape of a Northern Pike. 

  5. MrANGELURI disse:

    wow, did not know there was veneer spray, you make me feel like i can do anything, you may it seem so simple, you tube rocks, thanks for posting, i am thinking what i am making to represent my city…… humh

  6. Gary Cottreau disse:

    Amazing Alex looks great, practical, very usable and nice finish. Hats off!

  7. What's the music at 2:36? I hear it alot, but idk the title.

  8. Nita Gabriel disse:

    That is absolutely lovely mate!

  9. TheScratWOLF disse:

    At 5:36 what's name of tool, beautfiul video man

  10. James Yule disse:

    can you do a video on veneering as the way you do it looks really simple and it is a great finish on a finished piece.

  11. Syed Abdullah disse:

    6:40 anybody notice that? He is pouring black tea and it comes in the cup as milk added tea!!!!!!!

  12. Nige disse:

    Hey Alex nice piece; does the spray lacquer sufficiently prevent subtle heat damage to the veneer from the teapot?

  13. camohoj disse:

    Flying the flag Alex nice one.

  14. Cairdy Crafts disse:

    That's a beautiful build! Nice use of veneers too!

  15. talking about tea but wearing a coke shirt! haha love it, nice vid.

  16. sigh that moment you realize your flag is boring

  17. I realize this is over a year old, but wow, really inspiring. Looks great

  18. Mason Coleman disse:

    Where do you source the wood for your projects from ?

  19. jp woodwork disse:

    Very nice Alex, can i ask where you purchased the Veneer from? thanks 🙂

  20. Alyathaean disse:

    Alex this one is amazing! You got a new follower. And I think I really need to do one for myself. Sadly the German flag is boring. But I like the English one. 🙂

  21. Heelf disse:

    6:38…milk must go AFTER tea ¬¬

  22. I wonder where Wales and Ireland were when they made the flag. Seems to me they're a little left out but what do I care? I'm English

  23. Sander disse:

    Surely a landmark is more interesting than a flag though?

  24. havoccarter32 disse:

    love Steve videos but I'm so glad I've found a brit that can show me how to wood work. looking forward to watching more.

  25. Aidan Fleming disse:

    Bloody brilliant! Looks great! Where did you get the veneer?

  26. Hmmm, spray lacquer, steve's favorite finish

  27. Just for the record, I'm English and hate tea! Coffee for me 🙂