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  1. Hersheyquest disse:

    I keep reading about not joining real hardwood together especially in a frame, because the wood movement will end up cracking the whole thing. How is this going to hold up? I'm confused.

  2. David Curtis disse:

    Hey!!!! some of us still have biscuit joiners from the dark ages with the perverbial 10,000 piece supply of biscuits. Use them still to keep the joint in line – no not for strength…i always scrape the glue because 99% of my projects are stained. Also I put wax paper between the clamp bars and the wood to keep the rust (or any discoloration) off of the wood. Very hard to sand out…got tired of sanding and bought a small wide belt type sander. Saw black spots on the back side of the glue up when you took it out of the clamps hahahaha…

  3. Thank you for the well thought out and executed how-to video. I dont have the money for a jointer but I have a table saw and your tutorial helped me get great results on my first ever glue up of some birch. Its nice to not have to completely fail several times before finally getting some good results. Cheers!

  4. that's great, thank you for this video

  5. Mark Lowe disse:

    Great video Steve. Thanks for all your straight forward & simple advice from a woodworking newbee!

  6. MrBananadrunk disse:

    I prefer to smoke my joints

  7. DinoDillinger disse:

    I don't understand why you need the jig or why you can't use is for both sides. Isn't the fence parallel to the blade?

  8. How do I accomplish the joint without a table saw?

  9. excelente trabalho Steve. Desafio vc fazer uma casa de árvore

  10. Thank you Steve. That was VERY informative and a BIG help. I LOVE your videos and PLEASE keep up the GREAT WORK.

  11. I'm making a panel that's 9 ft in length and 2 ft wide out of cheap wood so to me a biscuit jointer was worth the cost, though it is just a cheap one from Harbor Freight.

  12. PetiteCake disse:

    I've learned so much from watching your videos. Thank you so much. It sucks I can't make anything because I'm broke and can't afford my own equipment 🙁

  13. Ryan Haugle disse:

    how do you keep the squeeze out from sticking to the bottom clamps?

  14. 03DM M240 disse:

    Great video, I was debating about getting a biscuit joiner, but have decided to divert my saved money towards a solid jointer.

  15. What sized boards were used in this video?

  16. kymion disse:

    Just wanted to say your channel is perfect for aspiring woodworkers (like me) who just need to get some basic questions answered, including ones that they don't even know to ask ("Are biscuits worth it?")

  17. Ahmed Haitham disse:

    steve ramzy you are brilliant

  18. wazzer1812 disse:

    reason you opposite grain is so you dont end up with a giant C shape when your wood warps lol

  19. ladykay8 disse:

    Wax paper between the pipe and the boards prevents the pipes from staining the wood where they contact the glue. It's also dirt cheap and re-usable.

  20. Wally Kellett disse:

    thank you for showing the difference between joining and jointing. I now believe I understand the difference. serious question though. Instead of having a jointer or making that jig why not just use the rip fence and rip both sides of the board? I'm showing my ignorance here but that is a serious question.

  21. Rick Jones disse:

    Steve, I really enjoy your videos. Good, simple tips, and a wonderful presentation. It cracks me up that there are so many "experts" that come out of the "woodwork" once someone ELSE makes the video. Thanks again!

  22. Steve, good video.  Regarding the comment on Biscuit Joiners, I bought one for the same idea — use it to align long boards.  My experience gluing them together before was to find the edges offset and this required a lot of sanding.  (Even with clamping in the center) After using the Biscuit Joiner, I still had the same problem.  The one I bought makes a wide groove for the Biscuit and it did not help out with alignment.  I also found the area with the Biscuit had bulged.  I plan to sell my Biscuit Joiner.  I am still looking for the best way to join long solid wood boards showing no gap.

  23. If you used your pipe clamps correctly and used the biscuits in your aligment, you wouldn't be putting those bullshit pieces at the end of your panel glue up… None of my business though.

  24. Lewis Nelson disse:

    would joins like these be suitable for a desk at say 6 x 2.5ft?

  25. A long, long, time ago I was taught to take a rounded scraper along the edges to be glued. This ensured the outer edges were the first points of contact when they were glued. You don't have to take much out, usually just one or two light passes with the scraper did the job.

  26. chrisweekly disse:

    Hi Steve, Do you ever look at the comments? My guess is–maybe for a laugh.

  27. Mike Reslie disse:

    OK Steve, You talk about using the jig with the table saw as a jointer and how not to use the jig for both sides of the board. But what if you use a jointer? Should I joint one side of the board and then run it through the table saw against the fence for the other side? Or can I joint both sides?

  28. Thomas Martin disse:

    Hi all. i'm building or attempting to build a table (i'm new to this). I'm using 3 1x10s. I initially planned on using kreg jig to pocket join them but i'm having second thoughts based on what i've read on similar videos, bc of expansion/contraction. I'm now considering doweling bc its less expensive than buying biscuit joiner. My question is……can i just glue them? Thanks in advance.

  29. KpxUrz5745 disse:

    I like this guy's manner of explanation. One of the least pretentious people I've seen posting on youtube. Good and straightforward.

  30. Do you have a video on how to make those Sash Clamp holders in the background? Looks great.

  31. Mama Fratelli disse:

    Just started getting into woodworking and I'm loving these videos! I was thinking of making a cutting board and will probably try incorporating this joining process you've shown here.

  32. jumpinjaxs disse:

    Would this work with say 3/8 in. thick planks?

  33. William Smith disse:

    just dropped by your channel to get some project ideas, your charisma is contagious and you are great at explaining. thanks!

  34. It certainly does matter when gluing up board which way the grain goes as I have had many pieces cup

  35. Aaron Marcus disse:

    you are the man, thanks steve.

  36. D. Glover disse:

    Fantastic video, thanks for taking the time to make it!

  37. I David disse:

    Question about the biscuit joiner: While biscuit joiner doesn't contribute to the strength of the joint, tools like Festool domino are effective. are there more affordable alternatives to a domino?