You can make this five-board bench in a weekend. Fun woodworking project!

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  1. Shahar Biran disse:

    Hi ! Great video. i'm learning a lot from you!
    I have a question – at 4:08 you drive the pocket-hole screw towards the edge of the wood. (the part without any "meat"). Although, on your pocket-hole tutorial video you said that the screw should be driven towards the middle part of the wood (the "meaty" part).. Just wanted to know if you used some special technique here beside glue ?

  2. Congratulations, I really like your projects for the simplicity of each and everyone, I'm new and peared in Mexico City, I just subscribe to your channel and my works are only DIY, so this page Mere Mortals me It looks great, SALUDOS¡¡¡

  3. grudman100 disse:

    Very helpful videos and thank you for taking the time to edit the videos and being succinct (no rambling on or over thinking what you are trying to say). Thanks for taking the time to make these videos.

  4. Gus V disse:

    Hi, could you record a video tutorial that shows the technique of how to make a Stretcher Bars. Please.

  5. Hi Steve, great project. Quick question, what size paper do I print those templates?

  6. This MicroJig intro was my favorite. Made me LOL

  7. Nice video and plan. Steve, one thing I like about your videos is that you offer alternatives ("if you don't have a band saw you can use a jig saw"). I suppose that's what makes it "for mere mortals"!

  8. Rod Balingit disse:

    Can this be done with plywood?

  9. Имея такой инструмент стыдно делать такое дерьмо! Я бы на такую скамейку не сел бы……

  10. Put the cut legs together Ina vise and plane them even

  11. I will measure it when I come over

  12. Steve. Any reason for biscuits vs dowels? Thanks for the vids.

  13. still34u disse:

    this intro really cracked me up 😀

  14. Lena Rich disse:

    Cool little bench Steve! Going to give this a try — thanks for the video!!

  15. Just_Gordo disse:

    If Micro-Jig is not throwing you a Christmas party every year, then I would put it in the next contract.