Make This Amazing Toy Truck From One 2×4 Board

Make this awesome modular truck from a single 2×4 board. More info and free plans ▻▻ Get a month’s worth of shaving supplies from …


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  1. Design options, sequel to rustic charm

  2. hasdrubal121 disse:

    Great vid Steve, even love the Harry's plug in the middle.

  3. Potato Man disse:

    I love wood work, but after finishing college I've not been doing it much, due to the lack of materials and fancy tools 😛 But one day I'm going to build myself a nice shed and fill it with drills, saws and sanders!

  4. Could this be made using a handsaw and vice

  5. MarkNiceyard disse:

    If you want the wheels turning better, grease them with graphite sanded off from a pencil.

  6. Ron Danner disse:

    great project send plans thnks ron

  7. My grand kids love "working" in the shop with me, and this is a great idea. We've made some train cars and an old Flintstones type car so this will fit right in. Might be another video in my future! I'll definitely check out the other links you gave. Nothing like quality time with the kids in the shop. You get to talk about all kinds of stuff and even slip in a little life philosophy as well. Thanks for the ideas!

  8. LindyFD 160 disse:

    Maybe embedding magnets in the camper and dumptruck bed so they don't fall out as easy. Love this project.

  9. Another Great video by the one and only Steve Ramsey..

  10. This is really cool. I organize a wooden toy Toy Drive every year where I work. We might have to try this out as a possible new toy.

  11. Ratdog 305 disse:

    Good video, I started my foray into woodworking by building simple cars and trucks. I called them 2×4 toys because that was what I used primarily to make them with. Then I got into "presentation models" More detailed and with a company name or logo on it (18 wheelers, tractors and excavators, etc). No money in it, but a lot of fun to build and nice gifts to give. Keep up the great videos!

  12. Walt Hoover disse:

    The harry's commercial was funny!

  13. Roush Hawley disse:

    and a microjig maker of the grrrrrrrrrrrripper work safer work smarter in a pear tree

  14. M Said disse:

    Very nice I will do that to my daughter

  15. Jason McCabe disse:

    What child age group would you say that these toys are for?

  16. I died when he said your wife!

  17. That's so cute. XD Is the safety glasses refering to your eyebag?

  18. Paul Johnson disse:

    Great video Steve, thanks for sharing. I would like to see more simple wooden toy projects.

  19. bovko disse:

    "Made with real copper*"
    *not made with real copper.

  20. JJAM disse:

    Do you use the micro jig

  21. sgauntt disse:

    "Design Option". I love it!

  22. Billy Beane disse:

    when I make toys trucks and use those wheels (or cut my own) I cut a hump on the bottom. it looks better and gives it the right height stance