Summer Picnic Tray. Wow! Napkins Won’t Blow Away!

Get $50 toward any Casper mattress purchase ▻▻Visit and use promo code: WOODWORKING This solid oak serving tray …


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  1. Steve, this is beautiful! It's great to see you do this type of precision work!

  2. Sancar Car disse:

    Different thinking totally Nice & COOL…..:)

  3. ahmed63a disse:

    hi steve may master how are yow tow day

  4. I knew when you made the comment about eventually getting around to it, the chess piece thing was going to come up 🙂 Great project Steve.

  5. Shane Wilson disse:

    Did you know if you turn your weights over they can double casters?

  6. Edilnei Moura disse:

    halo Steve,plis PDF in PORTUGUES, NO hablo Inglish

  7. Jin disse:

    Hey Steve, I'm a student going into Highschool with the dreams of becoming a Mechanical Engineer. I love your videos, they make my day! One question I have though is; do you have any tips for me? Also, I just wanna say that, that picnic tray is sooo good! It really goes well with my– Micro Jig, Maker of The Gripper. Work Safer, Work Smarter.

  8. Another great project. I'm blown away by your ability to make advertisements entertaining.

  9. Riley Stone disse:

    you make this look so easy! then again i do have some "lower grade" tools compared to yours lol

  10. John Turner disse:

    That turned out pretty cool

  11. richie4ohio disse:

    I REALLY like this! We just got new deck furniture and this needs to be made!

  12. David Gameiro disse:

    Steve, while i love what you do, its sometimes complicated to make sure i can get the same wood as what you're using.
    This is made from oak, but i can't find the thickness of it to buy some of the same wood at Home Depot.
    Have you considered adding the price of the wood used to your videos?


  13. Stefan Ravn disse:

    Did they kill(?) the middleman….

  14. Lorenzo Nigro disse:

    steve what kind of wood you used for
    make picnic tray

  15. I would love to see you make a Klask game board and set.

  16. you should make a wooden  Rubik's Cube

  17. zatranslate disse:

    Your ads are only advertising i don't skip

  18. Sean Magin disse:

    Great video as always. What kind/brand of hearing protection do you use? Do you recommend them? I've been looking for a new pair and was curious.

  19. paulbalegend disse:

    since I know you know about wood movement, I have to wonder why you neglected it in this project with the wide, solid bottom panel. Why?

  20. Love those weights! All my casters are about half that size. Great project too!

  21. Bret Burkes disse:

    What tool do you use to check the angle of your sawblade?

  22. Lorenzo Nigro disse:

    Hello Steve can you tell me that you have given on the paint timber with a greeting Lorenzo

  23. Alin disse:

    Hi, what's that "Level Box" thingy at 1:03 ?

  24. Trick Adee disse:

    Great video love watching all your work I must ask you where did you get your glue pot can you give me there web site many thanks

  25. Wow 7 min to make this! Not a mortal at all!

  26. VIBHAS GANDHI disse:

    Which polish you used to finish the final product? Can you give a link of the product?

  27. Bob Buchanan disse:

    I made this for my daughter and son-in-law and they absolutely loved it. Thanks for the idea.

  28. I wish I had a shop like yours….I'd have so much fun making everything I've designed & recreating your projects!

  29. terry W disse:

    Thanks for the great project to build. Looks terrific. I also had a look at purchasing your T shirt range, but have to pass. The shipping charge is only AUD 6.00 less than the cost of the item. (AUD 32.75 shirt only) Perhaps at some future time youmay get an Australian distribution outlet for your products. Otherwise keep up the good work. 🙂

  30. Chris Stevens disse:

    I'm confused??? No mistakes. Are you telling us you'r getting better at woodworking?

  31. Lucas Gabriel disse:

    sometimes I love the comercial better than the actual video.

  32. gene disse:

    hello Steve can you please do a video on sanding and other methods of removing glue before its time to finish. Im finding it very hard to get into to tight corners or around rounded corners without sanding across the grain. thanks you

  33. I just want you to know my friend said your video sounds like his bird mating.

    Don't know what you can do with that info, but I hope it helps.

  34. Do u need help fixing the intro cutting? I can probably fix it with a…MICROJIG