Build a drill press table for your woodshop

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  1. mizerlad disse:

    Dumb question – the vertical adjustment attaches the table to the column at a single point. Even when I torque this tight there is still rotation. I seems to me there is no way to use the built in up/down platform (even with your fine bench) I am thinking I need to build a separate bench that won't move even if I am milling

  2. 00WoW00 disse:

    Speaking from experience, one of the problems with trying to use a drill press for milling is that the bearings aren't designed for that type of thrust and it may cause the bearings to fail prematurely. If you are milling wood, you might consider using a router as the bearings are designed for a lateral thrust.
    Good luck on your projects Mizerlad.

  3. Alan Webster disse:

    At Lowes they are in the drawers by the nuts and bolts section

  4. Do you ever find that you want your fence not to be at 90 degrees? Just thinking about putting a mitre slot type design in to keep it at 90 degrees?

  5. John Cobb disse:

    toilet screws are a great idea. something i see everyday and never have thought to use it that way. its a whole lot cheaper than the kreg system and works just the same.

  6. Mena142 disse:

    Drop the music next time.

  7. Eric Francis disse:

    Another great, simple solution to a common problem. One of the things I like about your videos, Steve, is that you're unpretentious. You don't come on as if you have any great secrets, or that you're a guru. You just show us ways to accomplish things by thinking in unusual ways. Many thanks.

  8. Gerry Met disse:

    This is what YouTube is for!

  9. dazzla111 disse:

    think im gonna have a try at that design for a router table removable panels for dif sized blades cool idea

  10. ThePodcore disse:

    This answered my t-slot questions. Same technique can be used for a router table….just saw that this was mentioned below. Great video.

  11. Great work! Thanks for your help, Steve.

  12. Barry Miller disse:

    After all these years, is there anything you would change about your drill press table?

  13. x9x9x9x9x9 disse:

    I only need 3 more tools in my shop before I can really start building. I need a drill press, a bandsaw and a router table. Some day I will have a nice shop…. some day.

  14. like this one very much good instructions an idea less the whistles an horns like others . best ,TU

  15. dave disse:

    hey steve is that a Ryobi drill press

  16. mmmarzouk disse:

    Hey Steve, first of all great video as always. Second thing, how do you ensure that your fence is perpendicular to the drill bit. Say you want to drill a series of holes along the same line.

  17. FLKeyz76 disse:

    Thanks for the video!  I really like the tip of using the toilet mounting bolts in your t-slots.  

  18. Adam McMillen disse:

    Nice use of random hardware

  19. Eric Lindberg disse:

    I got the same ryobi drill press for christmas and I am looking into making a drill press table for it and this video should help me out! Thanks Steve

  20. HonestDoubter disse:

    Why, exactly, in the hell did you choose Alanis Morissette?  😉

    Love your channel man.  Keep up the great work!

  21. jerry p disse:

    hay steve i made a drill press table  and it turnd out good thanks for making this vid

  22. +Steve Ramsey could you make drumsanders for the drillpres and a table fore it?

  23. You Should add some velvet to the bottom of the fence to keep from scratching and you won't need to re-apply the finishing wax as often. just a thought

  24. Shawn Barrett disse:

    YourcallWoodWorking1. hey steve love your vids keep up the great work.I made a router table last week with your split fence idea. Works great

  25. Clean and simple design i like it, you could also mark graduations (+/- from drill center) near both Tslot rails for setting the fence up quicker.

  26. Hans de Groot disse:

    This is exactly what I need. Nice project for the uncoming month.

  27. What hardware store are you finding the star knobs? And in what department? I have only been able to find them on the web, but would love to get them locally if possible.

  28. Larry Panchuk disse:

    all good except you didn't explain the T fitting used for bolting down the table to the drill table, but I can work thru that. 🙂

  29. I finally made this table for my drill press and it's a godsend. Thanks for this, perhaps your most useful video for me personally so far. Just having more area and a fence to put things against, it makes so many things easier and repeatable.

  30. I really like your design because it's probably one of the fastest easiest to build designs that I've seen on Youtube. There are some wonderful drill press table designs on Youtube, and I applaud the designers and builders, but all of them require more time and materials to build than yours without really providing greater benefits. Bravo.

  31. Dr. Michael disse:

    I like it very much. Simple, big enough and easy to make BUT what about dust collection port got it?

  32. carl53301 disse:

    Fantastic video this is the best table I have seen this for, is it possible to get a plan with meausrements,thank you, keep up the good work.

  33. Chris R disse:

    instead of cutting the replacement inserts at an angle that you have to remember, or cutting a whole bunch of inserts at once, just make normal vertical cuts and hold the insert in place with 2-sided tape.

  34. Gerald Bony disse:

    Nice table i have one too steve good tips

  35. Mark Balli disse:

    Thank you for this video. looks like I have a project to work on for my new drill press.

  36. salmonline disse:

    "Well, I'm not gonna build another drill press table…"
    Well, not for another 7 years, at least.