7 Things To Get You Started Using A Table Saw | WOODWORKING BASICS

If you want to make things out of wood, a table saw is one of the most useful tools you can own. If you are new to woodworking, this video will help get you …


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  1. PIANOSTYLE100 disse:

    this about my 3,Rd comment on this video. I like that simple way the stop block measures but the fence is away from the cut.

  2. Dear GOD I wish I watched that before I tried crosscutting. Great video man.

  3. tete gaming disse:

    never make a free hand cut always use a fence or miter gage or THE GRIPPER

  4. gringo ninja disse:

    Thank you, i was looking for some info to help reduce my fear level for the table saw and you video has done that. I understand the operation of the saw much better now, thank you especially for clearly explaining the reason for the techniques eg. the stop block. Much appreciated.

  5. Julio Andujar disse:

    where can I purchase that hat you're wearing?

  6. lrochfort disse:

    I just discovered your channels and I think they're great. Really good information well presented.

  7. Francis Revil disse:

    i never know that table saw is dangerous until i watched this video.. thanks Steve..!!

  8. Gbedu Mallam disse:

    My heart skipped @ 3:26 to 3:54, as that is something I most likely would have done as a learner. Glad to have come across this video.

  9. Joe Tremont disse:

    thank you for such a great video!

  10. 2bdefacto disse:

    Great Vid. I am retired after many many years of being an OTR truck driver. I did most of my repairs myself (Except for emergencies when I wasn't at home) Never used a table saw, but plan on buying one real soon. Want to build things that my handy jigsaw just can't do. I plan on saving this vid as a great reference. Thanks and I like that safety device, plan on getting that. I like my fingers, had em for years.

  11. 2bdefacto disse:

    And the comments on this post are the most sensible I've ever seen on YOUTUBE.

  12. I've had a table saw kick back before. Never run twisted boards on a table saw.

  13. sevzen disse:

    Your basic videos are fantastic.. please keep them coming

  14. Derick Ryan disse:

    Very good video, man. Keep up the good work!

  15. Eric K disse:

    Really great video. Definitely gave me a safe fear of my new table saw.

  16. James Almond disse:

    Thanks broh, good video. I got a table saw (my father's old one and it needs a bunch of work) and I've got it up and running.

  17. mugflub disse:

    Hands down the most down-to-earth woodworking teacher on YouTube. Always excellent quality content. Super clear and concise.

  18. Steve, I'd like to make three comments. 1) The stop block trick is great. It seems simple, but I have had this problem before and did not have a solution. 2) Your safety tips regarding kick back are right on. Kick back is for real and it can be really bad. When I first started wood working I just thought I'd learn stuff as I went along. I free hand cross cut some wood on my table saw no problems until I did have a problem and then I sprained both my thumbs at the same time. Not little sprains, but really hurts and I can't hardly do anything for two to three weeks sprains. 3) When you started talking about the gripper, by that time I was thinking I should up my game on safety. I watched the video, and I saw the advantages. I bought two grippers. They are really, really very good and I know I am sawing much more safely and sometimes more easily because of them. Thank you for your videos and the information you share.

  19. youmongrel disse:

    So where do you shop for a decent table saw at a reasonable price? Every video I watch involves a real TABLE with a saw in it, like this. But it seems like every product on Amazon & Home Depot's site are "job site" saws with seemingly much less capacity for wide rips. I rely on reviews to shop, but it's like this category doesn't even exist… My main goal will be cabinetry, refinishing a kitchen, building a custom island etc.

  20. Baiswith disse:

    Is it possible to feed wood too fast into a table saw, and if so, is the result anything like a kickback?  I have a small table/mitre saw, but I'm pretty sure it had the riving knife attached when it decided to try and fling the wood back towards me (I wasn't budging) and instead flipped itself backwards off the workbench.  Pretty scary, and definitely too fast to get out of the way, so I'd really like a better idea of what I did wrong (assumptions about the security/stability of the unit aside – building a dedicated frame/stand for it is on the todo list!).

  21. ArcanePath360 disse:

    So you say to stand out of the line of the cut and then you proceed to stand in line with the cut on every cut you make.

  22. olli2007j disse:

    Can The Table Saw Cut Logs? Or Suitable To Cut Logs?

  23. Mitesh Gandhi disse:

    Safety first, very-well explained. Good advice for all.

  24. Jason Bell disse:

    Excellent video on safely operating a table saw. The angular velocity of table saw blades is about 100mph. Any lumber that rides the saw teeth and gets tossed back at the operator is a Nolan Ryan 2x lumber fastball right in the abdomen. Had this happen to me once, and knew why it happened: bad technique.

  25. roezeca disse:

    You are my new favorite youtube channel :D! Thanks for your excellents videos!

  26. SPPPSydney disse:

    Hi SR, I'm looking at buying my first proper table saw. We are seriously limited for choice in Australia and we pay x3 the price with no dados allowed. I'd love to hear your thoughts on this saw if possible? https://sydneytools.com.au/hitachi-c10fl-1600w-256mm-10-stationary-table-saw

  27. Excellent advice for the novice like me that loves his hands and wants to keep them attached to his arms.

  28. Peter Billing disse:

    Why do you use a fence right past the blade when ripping

  29. dannyw827 disse:

    This was an amazing video. Thanks for sharing

  30. These tips are so valuable! Thanks for sharing your experience.

  31. flooently disse:


  32. Joseph Lee disse:

    Great Video! It seems like you use a table saw frequently. Can you recommend a good starter table saw? Thanks!