Kitchen Drawer Organizer. DIY woodworking project

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  1. Deacon Cole disse:

    Any reason why you put a bottom on the organizer instead of just letting the utensils rest on the drawer bottom. It may not be much, but you do lose a little height that way.

  2. crzy4htrods disse:

    I see sence the first one, you got you one of those "spendel sander things it would make it so nice" lol.

  3. Steve, I love to way you videos are shot…. all the angles… please do a video on how you set up shots and video different angles… or can you tell me of a video that would help me… I not wanting the big file making tips… I'm want what you do… Thank you Kenn <><

  4. Susan Nace disse:

    Steve Ramsey,
    My son loves to see your videos and does a lot of the same projects that you made.
    His favorite projects are with pallet wood.He thinks of you as a role model. Thanks

  5. Ratdog 305 disse:

    We use the two year rule. If we have not used it in two years then it goes! Of course things in my shop don't count! I would argue with some things having sentimental value. My fathers watch he wore during WWII will not be subject to the two year rule!

  6. Ryan Seeber disse:

    Hope this one works out for you.

  7. BradPow disse:

    and right after he finished, his wife bought extra long forks and spoons, causing steve to design an adjustable organizer on his 4th attempt

  8. i hope that approach doesnt apply to your hand tools. old stanley will roll in his grave.

  9. Rich Random disse:

    …I just made the organizer, and didn't round over the dividers, just like you didn't…have you got an idea on how to remove a red oak splinter, buried an inch deep from under the right index fingernail ? 😉

  10. Steve Syphax disse:

    Don't ever do that again ! ( put the camera on the end of the board.) I threw up all over my keyboard.

  11. Hey Steve, first of all great video. But what I was wondering is if you could also make a video on a locker organizer for a high school student

  12. longsteed42 disse:

    1:01 I Got dizzy and I almost fell off my chair

  13. kitchencone disse:

    I've found it easier to separate less, i.e one bin for spoons, and not two, keeping big spoons and little spoons in the same bin. Same with forks. This way when unloading the dishwasher, you have the easy at-a-glance separation of knives, forks and spoons into just 3 big bins, for instance, and you don't have to bother with the more fiddly separation of big ones from little ones.

  14. HugTheBear55 disse:

    Liked the safety tip you threw in there. You should throw those out there more often.

  15. Maxid1 disse:

    5 years? 5 years! I've been watching your videos for over 5 years. what has become of my life….

  16. Maxid1 disse:

    If only you would design an excess utensil launcher. That you don't only get rid of extra clutter, you can share it with your friends and neighbors. CAUTION: Launching sharp objects at your friends and neighbors may result in fewer friends and neighbors…

  17. why did u limit yourself to using only one board??why not use more to make it better and efficient??

  18. keithwinslow disse:

    Hey Steve, love the channel! What type of nailer did you use on this project? Looks nice and compact!

  19. CanadianDot disse:

    One thing to keep in mind when doing any of the "decluttering" methods currently popular: reduce, reuse, recycle. If by decluttering, you're adding even more waste to the landfills, you're not doing anyone any favours.

  20. Hi Steve,

    I really admire what your're doing and hopefully soon I will start to learn about woodworking as I have applied for a course because I'm really interested in it. My only question is for now what kind of software are you using for the design if you're using something at all?

  21. invertaxis disse:

    How can I square a piece of firewood? I tried running an oddly shaped piece through my bandsaw and it flew out (luckily no injuries), and have been scared of touching it since

  22. That turned out great Steve!! Nice job!!

  23. Matt Johnston disse:

    Fantastic build! Sometimes what seems to be the "simplest" of ideas are the most practical and useful. I've been batting ideas around for a while on making a custom organizer for our cutlery…and I have to say, I think that I'll be emulating much of what you've done here! Thanks for the demonstration!

  24. icawn disse:

    where did you get that funky looking clock in your kitchen?

  25. Olivsam disse:

    I have several good scraps of hardboard any ideas for pojects?

  26. Jackar389 disse:

    This guy makes this shit look easy as fuck

  27. Steve S disse:

    Why a dado blade instead of a router table?

  28. thanks for your videos! im starting to start to work with Woods in a few months..i wonder wich kind of machines do you believe i Will need for a start.

  29. TheBloke disse:

    Lovely project, thank you. I'm in the UK and as you know, dado blades are hard or impossible to get here. But I never quite understood the point of them – can't I just lower the normal blade so it only cuts half way through, and then do several passes on that? Is the benefit of the dado blade that it cuts more width at once, saving on passes?
    (Sorry, I'm sure you've covered this before but I've not yet found it in the many videos I've watched!)

  30. I usually keep the first project when it's the first time I make it, with all of its flaws. #2 and #3 get the imperfections corrected and those get sold. As far as my wife lets on, she doesn't know.

  31. Ted Phillips disse:

    Are you concerned about wood expansion?

  32. Grant Hobgood disse:

    Steve, what table saw do you recommend for the beginner? I'm looking at something that is shy of $600 if possible.

  33. Holly Helton disse:

    Great project I need to make some of these for every drawer I have because they always seem to get so cluttered no matter how I organize everything in them. And I love the drawing bow idea. I have been wanting one but I couldn't justify paying so much money for one, some ate so expensive. +Steve Ramsey

  34. Can you show your printing process?

  35. E Gokyu disse:

    Maybe for version #4 you can put extra slots in your dividers so you can adjust the length for longer utensils as you need them.

  36. Rose Savage disse:

    Fantastic. Enjoyed the evolution. Patent it!?

  37. Do you have like 100 forks and Knives in there ? lol

  38. Ben Mosforth disse:

    how much rpm is your ryobi drill

  39. Jonathan Popp disse:

    Steve, I noticed a sticker on the wood you were cutting that is 0.75 x 2.5 (1×3) is that correct? That was tall enough?

  40. TJ Wash disse:

    Kitchen organizing tip. I have a drawer that I put things in that I think I can live without. If I use something from it, it moves to a regular drawer. At the 6 month mark I give whats left in it to Goodwill, and refill it with new things I think I can live without.

  41. There's a related book called "The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a Fuck." No, seriously, that's its actual title. It's sort of semi-inspired-by and semi-a-parody-of the one about tidying up. Instead of decluttering your house, it's about decluttering your schedule (and your brain) from pointless social crap that does nothing but stress you out. I heartily recommend it.

  42. silveravnt disse:

    Who was that manly stud with the stubble?

  43. Greg Roberts disse:

    Hey Steve, I had custom kitchen cabinets built, and the width of my drawers was kind of wonky. I used your plan on this video and built my wife an awesome silverware drawer organizer. Thanks for the inspiration, man. This is a great video.

  44. building my kitchen right now, that was awesome tip!

  45. D Sl disse:

    Hi, Steve,
    I've not long discovered your channel so am playing catch-up for some projects.
    I made a drawer organiser for a very wide drawer. Someday we'll change the kitchen and have everything how we want it. In the meantime, the organiser has 3 compartments front-to-back at the rear and 1 left-to-right at front. It sits in the middle of the drawer so that I still have full length front-to-back for serving spoons, etc. The other 28" wide drawer has the cutlery organiser from our last house. Again, it sits in the middle. 3 f-b for cutlery, 2 slightly longer at each side with a spoon compartment l-r between. Space in front of the organiser and at each side for odds and sods.
    I would not have thought of using the "bow" for marking the curves. I would have dis-assembled it and used a paint can or larger for the curve. Your way means instant adjustment without searching for a larger can !
    best wishes