What You Need to Know About Glue | WOODWORKING BASICS

Gluing is an essential part of woodworking. Here are the basics to get you started. Please read the full article for more info ▻▻ http://bit.ly/Gluing PLEASE …


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  1. Kornel Cajka disse:

    To wipe off the excess glue alot of wood workers rub saw dust onto it 😉

  2. J. Justin disse:

    You're a weirdo and that's why I've subscribed, Steve. Let your freak flag fly, my brother.

  3. The Lowmein disse:

    If this guy taught shop in my high school, I would have signed up, bullies be darned. Lol

  4. Ray Davis disse:

    For end-grain glue ups I use Gorilla glue (the only useful purpose it has). I've glued 2×4 scraps together to make longer timbers and sat on them (carefully). You have to dampen the ends real good. The polyurethane gets sucked up into the micro-tubules and provides a fair amount of strength.

  5. Halloween111 disse:

    Fun tip with wood glue. Wood clue won't stick to vinyl. Sooooooo, If you have an old vinyl record that is dirty and scratchy, Coat the record with a thin layer of wood glue and let it dry. When you gently peel it off, it takes the dirt in the grooves with it. And you have a negative with decades of dirt stuck to it.

  6. Brian Waldorf disse:

    Cohesive beats adhesive failure

  7. To spread glue evenly on large surfaces, I like to use a notched plastic trowel/spreader. That's what flooring installer use to spread their adhesive evenly. In woodworking, you'd of course use much finer notches.

  8. Question: does anyone else find that today's "5 minute epoxy" is mis-named, i.e. doesn't harden in 5 minutes like it used to 20 years ago. Back then I had a job as a photocopier technician and I frequently used LePage's 5 minute epoxy to repair, rebuild and reinforce broken parts in the field – like a broken nylon gear sprocket for example. I would mix and apply the epoxy and then keep turning the part in space so the glue wouldn't flow and drip in one direction. I could keep turning it for about 3-4 minutes and by 5 minutes, the glue was stiff enough that it wouldn't flow, but still soft enough that I could dent it with a finger nail. I would often shape it with a knife or file and then after about 30 minutes to an hour, I would risk putting stress on it. It was my go-to wonder product. Then I got a different job and didn't use epoxy much for a few years. Now when I try to use it, it seems extremely slow to harden. After five minutes it's just starting to thicken, and it takes a good 10 minutes to set enough that it won't flow.

  9. rhshel disse:

    surprisingly you left out the most important part of using glue! Checking for a date code.
    All Titebond products have a date code and if you don't find it clearly marked on the container even Titebond says "go buy it somewhere that clearly displays it"

  10. Arun Kumar disse:

    I see good improvement in your hosting skills

  11. thanks for the videos, I subscribed =)

  12. DXWXMX44 disse:

    There's what I call "double gluing" i.e., using mastic for "Z" bricks with a couple of dots of hot glue to quickly hold position and prevent sagging – or say a piece of trim in a hard spot to hold use carpenter's glue with dots of hot glue – good video.

  13. got a question. I'm thinking of building my own desk using oak planks or maybe depending on money a solid peice but was wondering what would be the best way to connect it to the frame of the desk if it was metal.

  14. Carl Zorro disse:

    I like you, the way you explain things where no fakeness comes between.

  15. Carl Zorro disse:

    At 3:25 I used a terry cloth damp and leave the place clean,t he glued area

  16. Terry Wong disse:

    I appreciate your instructions and pointers. I especially like your evaluations on why you choose one product over

  17. Jim Rendle disse:

    Tite bond 3 for eating surfces.

  18. TheDajoca disse:

    Really excellent video and great presentation. Cheers.

  19. Buy big bottle of wood glue and pour some in ketchup or mustard squeeze bottle

  20. Mark Tucker disse:

    Simply brilliant. Thank you!

  21. Ronald Thomas disse:

    I use rubber cement and Scotch tape.

  22. Mark Slafkes disse:

    One problem with PVA glues is creep. They remain a bit soft and when gluing up layers of wood under tension, like curved components, the layers will creep over time and reveal the layers. Don't ask how I know this, you can guess.

  23. Zach Lopes disse:

    hey steve i really like your videos, u remind me of a more happy version of my woodshop teacher from highschool. just wanted to let ya know what i do about the run out glue, i let the ooze dry and then chizle the glue off it leaves alot less to sand. let me know if it works for ya:)

  24. Joe Bellavia disse:

    Thanks for the video! I like all of your videos…question though when glueing a small decorative box type project where it's tough to get into the corners, what do you use to get excess glue off? Or maybe there's a better technique? Thanks!!

  25. Why didn't you mention the gorilla glue wood glue?

  26. wow …..that was a awesome vid…..I

  27. Vinzers Films disse:

    International Microjig. Can we make that a real holiday?

  28. Mark Kelter disse:

    One silly thing I disagree with: if i have a nice clean bead of glue squeezing out while clamping, I don't wipe it, I leave it alone! A quick scrape will take off a bead of glue cleanly and requires less sanding in the end than would the smear.

    Thanks for the cideos. I love your sense of humor! Keep them coming!

  29. Mike Anderson disse:

    I bet you like to pop bubble wrap too! 😉

  30. Ian Wright disse:

    will the wood glue damage an impact drill bit?

  31. kekulpac disse:

    I have become a fan of your videos, as a newbie to wood working, your presentation  style makes the subject more interesting and I retain more than the dry presentation of others.  Who would guess I would enjoy a video on "glue" ???

  32. Im a 13 year old wood worker and i use Fevicol wood glue
    It sticks very well and clear and is very cheap

  33. Carl Zorro disse:

    I want a glue that will accept staining, titbond 3 leaves marking into a whiteness under the stain 🙁