How to make a simple picture frame using a woodworking router

How to make a simple picture frame using two bits for your router. This is intended as a first project for beginning woodworkers who are learning to use a router.


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  1. Brad Kimo disse:

    I think you should be mindful of safety in your videos — especially since these are meant for beginners. Your fingers are very close to the bit on a number of occasions and beginners might not understand what a bit at such high rpms can do to a hand or finger.

  2. I have had my router for a very long time and have always wanted to make a picture frame – actually lots of them because I would like to have a lot of matching frames – thanks a bunch for a great video!

  3. Leigh Stevens disse:

    Wow! Was expecting a simple frame. This is impressive. Will definitely make it i know what I'm doing hahahah.

    Making a table and my first frame is this weekends project.

  4. Zombies Byte disse:

    Is it just ironic that a router bit set usually comes in a square edged box? 😮 Cool vid, thank you

  5. Mario Monti disse:

    is all the wood you used for this 3/4" thick?

  6. Great example. Excited to get started

  7. Good job, I laughed my ass off when you flipped the picture.

  8. J. Justin disse:

    I just recently subbed, Steve, and am going through your back catalog of videos. God I love how weird you are. So refreshing to have all this great knowledge and technical expertise wrapped in a self-deprecating, bizarre sense of humor that I totally get. Well done, sir! Let they freak flag fly! 🙂

  9. Dude, you are awsome! Im buying a router and table now!

  10. Paul Cairns disse:

    Love your presenting style man, the tutorial was ace, I learned a load. Thanks for posting it.

  11. drobberbaron disse:

    David Hasselhoff? Really? lol

  12. Jim Wilde disse:

    I couldn't get past the first few seconds. Too goofy.

  13. Gary Gromer disse:

    Hey thanks so much. Great video!!!!

  14. Archi Gomez disse:

    I love the video, I just bought me a router and looking to learn more, again nice video well explained "thank you for sharing

  15. roblox84 disse:

    I assume it's much cheaper just to buy a cheap ryobi or skil router table and table saw then it is to have custom frames made at a shop each time isn't it?

  16. Inhalin1514 disse:

    Such a great channel! Thank you for all you've done sir..cheers 🙂

  17. Sage K disse:

    lol. Hasselhoff FOREVER!

  18. cms123tube disse:

    I am new to woodworking and have no shame to ask a stupid question 😉 At 1:33, why would someone not move the face of the fence flush with the ball bearing and then use the fence to guide the work through the router bit ?
    I like WWMM videos !

  19. Man, you're awesome
    You explain things so clearly.
    I am a toddler in woodworking, but have always had passion for it. Your videos definitely help me and give me confidence to take on some projects and get my feet wet. Thanks!

  20. Day Dreamer disse:

    @6:01 Did he damage his thumb? Steve frequently assures us wood working is safe. Lol.

  21. Mal Wright disse:

    Classic thank you very good to watch

  22. Shaiju disse:

    Awesome video and thanks for sharing it. It really took my fear of playing with it.