Make a miter sled for your table saw. Improved version.

A miter sled is a useful jig for making perfect 45 degree mitered corners. I made a video a while ago, but I think it was overly complicated. This version is …


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  1. I love simple yet very effective jigs like this one!

  2. Lucas Theroux disse:

    What is your favorite plywood to use for Jigs? I am a scrapper, meaning I save and collect material scraps from where ever I find them and often the scrap plywood I have and find is pretty out of shape… Is MDF a good solution for sleds and Jigs?

  3. Excelente y practica gracias. Saludos

  4. buddharmt disse:

    Goodman Steve, what are the dimensions of the base plywood?

  5. David Nelson disse:

    Many thanks for this video. I used your basic plan to make a jig of my own, and my first ever frame came out perfect! I did find that the angle for each side of the jig needs to be close to 45 degrees or wide frames can look a bit off. For example, for a 2" wide board the diagonal of a 46 degree cut is 2 28/32", for the matching 44 degree angle the diagonal is 2 25/32". This is enough to be noticeable from up close. Again, thanks for a great video.

  6. exelente me podría decir las medidas

  7. Ahmed Benar disse:

    Very nice tutorial clear and not intimidating I'm no pro but this vid makes me think I can do it
    Thank you for the video

  8. Any ideas on how to make the runners when the miter slot isn't perfectly square? I don't mean that the slots aren't perpendicular to the edge of the table, but on my table saw (a craftsman, which I'm told this is a common issue with them) there are little nobs along the face of the table along the slots. I've been trying to wrap my mind around this and I'm stumped. Thoughts?

  9. your video's are great, not too much Bull feces, but spot on

  10. Frode Molland disse:

    Hi, I've got a another version of this table saw, and there's no slides in the "table" besides the saw blade, if you understand? How to make this sled then?

  11. MsLorisM disse:

    Thank you for this video. I recently made a chess board for my grand son. I wanted to make a Chinese checker board on the flip side with the two boards sandwiched in a frame with a dado in the center. Cutting the frame was stressful but a miter sled made joining the corners a breeze. Remembering to label them left and right was the key.

  12. Great presentation of how to build and explanation of how this works. I was able to build my own and am very pleased with how well it works. Thanks!!!

  13. Very nice. I made mine yesterday. I thought I would share that proper placement of the first guide is important. mine was off a bit. Being off resulted in corners where one side was thicker than the other. Luckily, I found it before the glue set and was able to fix it. After I had it all set up, I ran a 2×4 through to test. then I used the test pieces, clamped to my crosscut sled to cut a space for a decorative spline in the joint of the boxes I made. It made for a productive day in the workshop. Thanks.

  14. Budi Cahyadi disse:

    great job Steve, thanks for sharing

  15. Kleber Cruz disse:

    Hi! Is everything okay with you, Steve? That's what I was looking for. Very good. A hug.

  16. Aaron Blades disse:

    just made one, so far so good!

  17. redwood1957 disse:

    Steve how did the plywood runners hold up over time? I have to make another one?

  18. clghidorah disse:

    hi. layperson here. it appeared as though you might have used a miter saw to cross cut your 2×4 . . . if you have a miter saw, why, then make a miter sled for your table saw? trying to make a decision about investing in a saw, so would love to know.

  19. Annette Dye disse:

    You have the best, easy to follow tuts!!! Love them.

  20. Mekratrig disse:

    Hou many jiggs do you have?

  21. Tom Costa disse:

    Thanks again Steve U make woodworking Fun Thank You. Tom C

  22. "Friendship is magic!" <Bro-hoof>

  23. GATO6470 disse:

    (sorry for bad english)

  24. You are the BEST! Thank you for all of the instructions you provide – and humor!

  25. BronkBuilt disse:

    Well, this one certainly isn't over complicated. Thanks for the great video. I need one.

  26. whineycrap disse:

    Made this miter sled for my table saw easy to do works great you cannot go wrong great instructions

  27. Burt G disse:

    steve how thick are the fences and what is the all over size of the sled – thanks – Burt

  28. Gary Coy disse:

    Why would you use a table saw (with sled) for either crosscuts or miter cuts instead of a miter (chop) saw?  More accuracy?

  29. moulin6801 disse:

    Thank you for the video ! will make me one.
    Now want to know what kind of wax you are using for the sledge and do you put any wax or oil in your blade ?

  30. pierw disse:

    Is it recommended to us MDF instead of plywood?

  31. louis scott disse:

    I made one similar & love it

  32. Jim Wilde disse:

    Awesome video and sled! Going out to make it right now!

  33. Pete Garcia disse:

    What are the  sizes of the platform and all of the other pieces that you cut , to make the miter sled ? ?

  34. Agribusiness disse:

    I have some scrap MDF lying around, any reason why I can't use that instead of plywood?

  35. J Luc disse:

    Thanks Steve, I've just made a 45 degree sled and crosscut sled! Really helpful videos, cheers, John UK