Make a king sized bed frame with lots of storage!

Get a $50 discount on all Casper Mattresses: —————- This platform bed is easy to make and features six large drawers for …


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  1. mike hunt disse:

    smallest king size bed ive ever seen. that doesnt even look as big as our queen.

  2. souless2226 disse:

    how much did all of this cost in the end? not including mattress.

  3. Jack Newbold disse:

    Steve supports Caspar but I got a simba mattress advert

  4. #John Liebrecht hahaha 😛 but yea… maybe @martinez189


  6. Will Bone disse:

    I'd like to start this project, but trying to figure out how much of each wood I need is pretty nerve racking. And trying to math everything together to figure out how long and how many of a board that I need.

    Is there anywhere that it says something like this: 4-8ft 1x10s. 2- 8ft 1×8…etc?

  7. Matthew Bain disse:

    This is such a cool bed idea. You demonstrated very well how to build this bed. Great job, the bed looks awesome! I will continue to follow, share and enjoy your videos from down here in Australia.

  8. Pete Gomez disse:

    can you do a twin corner bed with storage? I wanted for a really really small room, I want it to be a bed but Iook like flat couch too

  9. loving the saltire on the bumper of your truck! Greetings from the homeland!

  10. Sandra Moore disse:

    I need a materials list. I don't have a truck and have to order these materials online.

  11. ohvnaq disse:

    1 microjig.. 2 microjigs.. 3 microjigs… zzzzzzz

  12. ajbhogal disse:

    Nice project, where can i get all plans and wood dimensions to make this nice king size bed.

  13. This is just what I have been looking for!! The PDF in the comments says its for a California King… Do you, by any chance have another PDF for a regular King size bed?

  14. Cole Burnham disse:

    Approximately how much would you say the materials cost for this bed build?

  15. Maloy7800 disse:

    Cool project. The only thing I have some doubts about is the insides of the drawers. Usually those are used to store bed "supplies" – sheets, pillow cases, etc. Having those on just wood, however polished it is, is not a good idea – those tiny wooden particles will be there for years. Maybe it'd be a good idea to lacker the insides or install some kind of liners?

  16. gibran raja disse:

    Steve you inspire me to finally start all the projects I've been putting off for one reason or another. Thanks

  17. Ara Ira disse:

    can this bed frame hold 220 lbs

  18. Jon Rasch disse:

    Can I modify these for something other than a king size bed? How would I do that?

  19. You should say all of the dimensions or upload plans or something for it so it is easier to follow along.

  20. is it possible to adapt this to a twin bed?

  21. Susan Risdal disse:

    Came here and subscribed from DIYnCrafts.

  22. I want to see you doing a VW Type 2 Camper interior. It will be amazing!
    Many curves…

  23. raceroz disse:

    not a fan of the niners shirt.. lol.. but always love your videos! thanks for sharing. always pick up a top or trick from your work.

  24. Anderson disse:

    This is an incredible worth for money [Link Here== ]. I have been looking for something like this for quite a while now. I'm happy there are opportunities like this out there. This woodwork plan made a clear presentation with regards to building sheds. Much thanks to you.

  25. Cool bed. Princess Meow Meow…..haha.

  26. pantera negra disse:

    Nice job i now how to make my bed.

  27. Les K disse:

    I just finished making this and realized i hadn't bought the wood for the slats because it was not in the cut list 🙁

  28. Esme Sanchez disse:

    around how much did all of this cost ?? (;

  29. OMG! You made a bed in less than 8 minutes XD

  30. J Judge disse:

    One. One Micro Jig. Ah, ah, ah. Two. Two Micro Jig. Ah, ah, ah.

  31. Ed Tangorre disse:

    Great job Steve, I looking forward to building mine . I am going to adjust the measurements to make a full size frame for my motorhome

  32. John Radix disse:

    This matresses are so cheap that I will buy two of them, the other one is for my ego….

  33. Ra YT disse:

    Great Video! just one thought, in order to recover some of the lost storage space below the head area, you could use some sort of spring-loaded tiltable slat array, that would tilt up along with the mattress and allow access to the full area below the mattress. In that case, we could give up the 2 side drawers, content with only 4 drawers below the feet area.

  34. hey. gonna be doing this project soon. starting woodworking as a new hobby. nv done this before. one question tho, what size pocket screws did you use to hold the wide board TIA