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  1. Thanks for sharing your videos with us!!!!!

  2. ColonelK0rn1 disse:

    Dude, I was totally wondering where you got that cool table that you were using in a video I watched the other day. So glad that I found this video!

  3. by far the best, most entertaining tool review I've seen to date! And the kreg work table is amazing, I'm going to get another 1 to expand

  4. matt200317 disse:

    You are the bill nye of woodworking and I love it

  5. The third shop is mine exactly!

  6. Advertorials delivered by one of my favourite woodworkers and does not take himself too seriously. I love it.
    Also I will probably get one because I am short on space. It seemed to tick all the boxes and will work with some of Kreg gear I already have.

  7. wow. its so exciting to see a product that REALLY works. usually a very inexpirienced engineer just throw everything into the computer and just row the dice. Speacially kitcjen devices. Man , i imagine how much engineers have starved to death by now

  8. Phillip A disse:

    Enjoyed it brother. Great commercial. LOL.

    One thing though, seems a little short. No?

  9. TheEpicSpire disse:

    nice, i wan 3 of them.

    i thought you were going to put it in reverse and back into the shop and unload it, but that was still funny.

    and HOW DARE YOU START THE TRUCK BEFORE PUTTING ON YOUR SEAT BELT!!!! you are a horrible person, and i shame you.. shame shame, pox and shame.

  10. Adam Read disse:

    That was great. Best pitch guy. Well done.

  11. wow that plane prop looks so real

  12. Is that gas guzzling Ford still legal in California lol

  13. Sam JustSam disse:

    Lesson 13 had me laughing at work a little louder than I wanted.

  14. hey man thanks for all the great videos, probably one of my favorite wood workers to watch. enough humor but everything is short and to the point

  15. you should be getting paid by kreg for advertising their products. hilarious!

  16. Daniel Romans disse:

    I'm going to buy one of these Kreg tables. How should I do this so that your sponsor knows that I'm buying this because of your video?

  17. I wonder if he had to go out and purchase that Beret.

  18. Jan Winter disse:

    Love ALL of your videos Steve. I've learned so much from you. Thanks. I'm just putting together my first ever workshop. As my pension comes in I'll be insulating lining & fitting out my shop. I begin with a pillar drill, bandsaw, table saw & lathe. Already got most of the dremel stuff out there. I love to make pens, lace bobbins, ring, light pulls. But looking forward to bigger stuff & to building couple of work benches & tool storage. Keep the videos coming I so enjoy them. You're easy to listen to & easy on the eye too haha ! Kind regards. Jan UK

  19. sure it's an ad, but it was engaging. congrats