Build a router table cabinet.

I made this cabinet pretty inexpensively using 1x3s and 1/4″ plywood. Next week I’ll work on the top and fence. Support free woodworking videos: …


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  1. Isn't it better to leave the back top open for cross ventilation so the router won't over heat being enclosed? Just my opinion.

  2. Kevin Klika disse:

    I feel like in the year and a half since you posted this, your design skills have gotten much better. From your new videos it looks like you have fine-tuned yourself to better construct things (though this cabinet is beautiful!) Specifically things like 5:07… I think if you built that today the drawers wouldn't have that notch 😉
    Very fun to watch!

  3. Alex Austin disse:

    Just got a router for Christmas… I like the table you've created. I'm definitely drawing inspiration from it

  4. Gary Jernigan disse:

    Very nice tanle. It has givin me some ideas for a table saw stand

  5. Nolan Carman disse:

    Hello Steve
    Can you tell me a little about the jig that you used with the router on the side panel of your router table?
    Thank you

  6. Hello Steve! A litle question about the drawers. It seem like you could build more drawers on this cabinet. The drawerfronts are so high you could have more drawers behind them? Any reason for not do that?
    My apologies for poor language!
    Greatings from Norway and thanks for your great channel!

  7. Hi Steve, Great project!! Do you happen to have measured drawings for this project and the associated top and fence? I have tried to find them but have been unsuccessful. Thanks and keep up the great work!! Truly an inspiration!!

  8. James B disse:

    Steve I'm new to woodworking and I REALLY want to make this router cabinet, but can't find the plan's. Could you please for us newbies to woodworking tell me where I can download the plans to build this? PLEASE!!!

  9. skiddog98 disse:

    Do you have measured drawings for router table

  10. pinto2074 disse:

    Love your how to video, This is the most economical way to build a router table.
    Are there any plans or diagrams or measurements available?

  11. Really great work!!, and video too

  12. Chce Wood disse:

    Yeah .. Its really good and I gather some ideas how it will be nicely done. Thanks for the video FUN TO WATCH.. 😀

  13. Chce Wood disse:

    I hope you have a plan on it because I love to try to do it.

  14. Ben Redelings disse:

    Wow! What type of plywood/solid woods did you use??

  15. Thinking about what if you incorporate the idea of the switch to use on a entertainment stand so that when you leave the house out of the room wat ever you can hit the switch and viola no power waste while your gone…. plus the basic shape is already stand like just make the actual shelfs/openings on the side cut slits in the back for vent. 

  16. maak disse:

    I really like the idea that the electricity goes INTO the table, protects the eyes from wire clutter.

    How long does it take to build something like this?

  17. Bryce Nelson disse:

    do you still have the sketchup plans available for this router table?

  18. bonito, limpio y practico 

  19. norm called and wants to know where your safety glasses are

  20. CholTaaim disse:

    A router-table is probably going to be our next "big" project. This video series is very helpful!

  21. Shujashaher disse:

    Great Mr Ramsey.  You have a very good knack of saying things

  22. royallhawaii disse:

    Steve, I don't know if you read posts to your older videos but If you do read this, It would be nice to at least have the overall dimensions of the carcass less the casters and table top. ie, height, width, and depth.. I'll be able to do the rest from those figures I will be using my old table top and router plate. I also almost completed the router lift that you made as well. I've got a 3 1/4hp Porter-Cable motor to install into it. 

  23. will c disse:

    hi guys,

    what is the name of the instrument that lets you drill holes on the side, or at an angle? The one he is using.

  24. Steve
    royallhawaii overall dimensions H W D would be great

  25. Steve
    Just figuring out a size for the cabinet will it accommodate a 24" deep x 36" wide router top?

  26. Wow! Your videos have come a long way, haven't they? I pick up some helpful tips from you by seeing the process. Thanks! ~Chris.

  27. slimshadow777 disse:

    I would never use pocket hole joints on a tool they do not take long term vibration well

  28. John Treble disse:

    This is definitely one of your better, more useful, projects! I'm inspired to build one now.

  29. mark nantais disse:

    Great video, I'm going to make one

  30. Matu Nam disse:

    is this real natural wood?

  31. Chris L disse:

    Wouldn't the high vibration from the router weaken the structure if it's just held using glue and pins?

  32. where do I get the plans to make this router table

    please someone help

    I cant find them on the woodworking for mere mortals website

    what am I doing wrong

  33. Bryan Acred disse:

    Hi Steve, Could you provide plans for this awesome router table?

  34. WillyVLD disse:

    To bad you dont have a sketch up drawing from this. atleast your YT video is very detailed.
    What are the rough dimentions from you cabintes (individual)?
    Greetings from the Netherlands!!!

    edit found it: 34″ wide by about 26″ deep 42″ high

  35. buddharmt disse:

    Greetings Mr. Ramsey. I was wondering if you could do a mere minutes explaining how you wired your switch? I'm aweful with electrical and any help is appreciated.

  36. Skinny Moose disse:

    That's pretty cool. It gave me some ideas for something similar. …Thanks Man!

  37. D Monty disse:

    I agree, pocket hole joinery is very fast, convenient and strong; especially with glue.Probably the best invention ever, since sliced bread.

  38. erik kramer disse:

    great video!! thanks! I build my router table last week together with the fence like in youre other video. I am loving it!!

  39. Roberto Lopez disse:

    Is there a follow up to this video?