Are Your Clamps Exciting? | SPONSORED BY KREG

Learn more about Kreg Clamping Solutions here▻ [This video is sponsored by Kreg Tools] ▻Kreg Clamps offer versatile, powerful …


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  1. I thought this video was great. I smiled at least 6 times and lol once. I need some of those clamps.

  2. Brad Cacace disse:

    I freakin love you guys. Awesome video.

  3. I truly hate painting and finishing.. But I actually LOVE clamping my projects, why else would I have 10 different types of clamps? I have clamps for every type of project, I have clamps in every corner of my shop. I have clamps scattered all around my house. Clamps in the garage, Clamps in the bathroom, Clamps in the bedrooms, Clamps, Clamps, Clamps EVERYWHERE!!!!!!

  4. Where is the Grrrrrrrrrrrripper ad?!

  5. Router 58 disse:

    Good advert Steve/Wyatt I bought one 🙂

  6. Cancun771 disse:

    "Hey, Boss! Want I should give him THE CLAMPS?"
    (Robot Mafia thug Fracis X. Clampezzo from Futurama)

  7. Dan L disse:

    Steve – this may be my favorite video that you've done. And, that, my friend, is saying something.

    I'm seeing a "got clamps?" marketing campaign in this….

  8. David Cabrera disse:

    Great Job… the video was fun.

  9. Have you gone mad Steve? I love this video especially the grandfather part, useful also I do like the clamps very clever thanks for uploading this

  10. Cylon39 disse:

    Wow… that was a commercial… And I loved it!
    What is wrong with me? I want to buy those clamps…
    So glad Steve does not work for the home shopping network.

  11. Man, the quality of your videos has really improved over the years. Nice job! You really make videos fun and entertaining

  12. Taurus Silver disse:

    I love the sexuality acceptance in this! Also is it bad I'm actually kind of excited to get some of the kreg clamps?

  13. Amanda Mosher disse:

    My wife, Amanda, likes watching your video's with me. She won't watch anyone else's woodworking video with me though. Squirmy Bob Rankin

  14. Angie Overton disse:

    LOL! I agree with another comment… purely entertaining. Of course… I really like the Kreg clamps. And I didn't realize they had those two pieces you showed. So it was entertaining and informative. LOL

  15. Ratdog 305 disse:

    You do crass commercialism in a good way!

  16. vitriolix disse:

    Did I just watch a 4 minute ad… and like it?

  17. Vince King disse:

    Even though I only watched on subtitles, this video really rather clamps my interest.
    This was kind of a useful advert.

  18. joeym250505 disse:

    Who's the hot Italian girl? I'm loving her neck stubble.

  19. Chris Wood disse:

    Actually a little bit excited about that clamping system i needed a new system for my companies workshop.

  20. Tom Costa disse:

    love your Vid's did you say guy's r gal,s ?

  21. Clorox Bleach disse:

    you should do more like this for sponsors because this video is pure entertainment but still has the info about the product in a more comedic way instead of a Boring very detailed end of a video way or middle or beginning… also I now actually want to try and buy it.

  22. Andrew Walker disse:

    I bought two at Lowes right after watching this. Kreg should pay you more.

  23. I hate to admit it, but if my woodworking buddy called me up all excited to show me a clamp he just got… y`damn RIGHT I'm checking that thang out.

  24. atxpunx disse:

    excellent video. I love the kreg brand.