The Only 3 Sandpapers You Really Need | SANDING BASICS

Sanding can be time-consuming, tedious and one of the dustiest, messiest, most boring tasks in woodworking. But it’s also something that you’ll have to do in …


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  1. John Doe disse:

    Saw dust is not only bad because it is easy to inhale but watch out for dust explosions if you have a lot of it in the air and anything that could ignite it. Also if you live in a place where burning is allowed be careful dumping that dust on the fire because it can flare up and burn you. I forgot that one time when I dumped dust on a fire and got a couple second degree burns that healed to the point you would never guess that it happened. I also singed my eyebrows and shaved them off to get rid of the burned ends. They come right back really. I was prescribed some cream containing silver to prevent infections. Now as I said, I am OK now. If you met me you would never be able to tell it happened, that silver cream is something else because it also speeds up the healing.

  2. Sanding is one of those time consuming but necessary tasks.

  3. PetiteCake disse:

    Just found your channel. I needed another NAME + Ramsey to teach me
    How to live. Gordon Ramsey for cooking, Steve Ramsey for not killing myself while trying to amateur woodwork 🙂

  4. Dejuan Smith disse:

    How did you keep the belt sander power button locked down when you clamped it upside down?  Mine has a safety button.

  5. Lobatschewsky disse:

    The belt sander can do some serious damage if you accidentally touch the spinning belt and get your hand or finger pinched between the belt and body of the sander.

  6. Very informative video. As a beginner woodworker this really cleared up a lot!

  7. "only scratches the surface…" I love it!

  8. slbailey13 disse:

    I love your videos, but every time I watch I get fixated on the wood California piece on your wall. I was born and raised in California but now live in Florida and boy do I miss it. Where did you get it or did you make it ? I absolutely love it

  9. Chevy513 disse:

    As I have gotten into woodworking I have had to learn to use less fine grit sandpaper as there is no need for a very high fine grit the majority of the time, coming from the automotive industry and painting cars it was a must to sand at least as fine as 320 to get good results however you were never sanding between coats ever you would do one final sand and then you would apply your 2-4 coats of paint with no sanding in-between.

  10. TheWildWarg disse:

    Like if you got micro-jigged.

  11. I learn more in your short videos than I do in hours of watching others. Short, sharp to the point and entertaining at the same time. Thank you for your effort.

  12. thornygravy disse:

    Can someone explain to me the 'scratch the surface' joke? I don't get it and I feel like I'm going to cry.

  13. Martin Davis disse:

    Could we use 240 grit instead of 220, and would using 240 instead be any difference.

  14. No love for the finish sander? They're cheap, and the sandpaper's much cheaper than for random orbital. True you have to be very careful to keep it moving. Also they get into some corners random orbitals can't reach with their round pads.

  15. Erand Smakaj disse:

    just wanted to compliment your channel… by far the most informative I've seen so far

  16. i had good idea about sanding, thank you very much for this video

  17. The orbital Sander is the first power tool I learned to use and it's my favourite.

  18. Rob Sipes disse:

    I hate sanding, but loved your video Steve. I'm still new to woodworking, but trying to learn wherever I can. Time to stock up on 80, 120, and 220 grit sandpaper. I had my eye on a Makita random orbit sander for a while. All my other power tools are 18v LTX Makitas, and have been happy with them for the last few years. Why change brands when they all work as needed! Thanks for sharing. Knowledge is power.

  19. Don Abey disse:

    love your attitude, thanks for the lessons helped me a lot

  20. Thanks for amazing video. Full of fun and positive.

  21. Jeremy Haugen disse:

    Tip from Adam Savage: Your time is worth more than the sandpaper costs. Most people don't change their sandpaper often enough.

  22. Carl Zorro disse:

    I just quit using a sanding hand held machine. A job I was doing got roughed up at one time and I had to fix it by hand and it took a bit not to lower the rest of the project do to a small spot messed by the machine.

  23. Carl Zorro disse:

    I used a 220 and then a wet 400 and the wood was as soft as passing your hand over glass 🙂

  24. Charles Wood disse:

    Love your videos mate, but as a professional trainer here's a hint," tell folks what you're going to tell them, then tell them, and finish with what you've told them" make sense? I/E. intro then detail then conclude