Make This Utility Step Stool From A Single 2×4

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  1. thank you for all your awsome videos =) greetings from brazil XD

  2. thank you for all your awsome videos =) greetings from brazil XD

  3. Rob Hawley disse:

    I realize that this is a year old, however I wanted to say thank you for these plans. I just made one with my son. Great project and good family time.

  4. Bikash Gautam disse:

    Is the hole in the stool for your other stool to pass through?

  5. What wireless mic system do you use? Mine sounds awful.

  6. Gavin Webster disse:

    what if you made a bigger one of these and made it a coffee table

  7. StormdragonXL disse:

    Steve you are a really nice guy

  8. Tome4kkkk disse:

    4:15 Which Kreg clamping set is this? I know the clamps but what about the bar?

  9. Glen Higdon disse:

    Love the step stool but wanted to know how you like the Incra for your table saw?

  10. Brad Kimo disse:

    How long does this take to make?

  11. Thanks for all the work posting these vids! You are definately one of the top woodworkers I watch online!! Lots of good ideas..

  12. danish oil? so…there's cheese in the middle? 😛

  13. So many shitty jokes about stools.

    Enough with the verbal diarrhoea!

  14. chris fields disse:

    I watched this video while sitting on the stool.

  15. J. B.J. disse:

    Steve, love your channel man!! It's the best channel on Youtube!!

  16. linda silver disse:

    You're a generous human being!! I just love ur videos!!

  17. rejj0313 disse:

    As always Steve, great project and thanks for sharing. No stool jokes either. :o)

  18. Matthew Reed disse:

    Only $3 for that stool? No shit.

  19. Mark Growden disse:

    Love the Raiders shirt! RN4L