How to make a wood end-grain cutting board

How to design a cutting board using Cutting Board Designer and then build it in the wood shop. I made mine using Cherry, Walnut and Maple. Download the …


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  1. RoyalCaoCao disse:

    The end product is beautiful. But I would never use your board, cause my OCD will kick in.

  2. Mark McIntyre disse:

    The "boards" you clamp on top and or on bottom are called " cauls"

  3. Snort Fangler disse:

    You should make the 3D end grain cutting board. I will be attempting it in the near future.

  4. Dyllan Jensen disse:

    I thought this was miencraft ._.

  5. All MERRICA disse:

    how big are those sheets 6/4 or 8/4

  6. you can use regular cooking oil which, olive oil – canola oil …. two finish cutting boards, or any wooden kitchen item?

  7. r2darky disse:

    Steve I think it looks more rustic because not everything lines up,

  8. Joe Deibel disse:

    Steve – Nice. Just 1 small detail that may need clarification… when you a talking about the length of your boards,
    you seem to be saying the length determines the thickness of the final board. This is not so. It is the width of your
    slice after first glue up that actually determines the board's thickness.

  9. yeredestrada disse:

    Incredible, Dr. House teaching me woodworking lessons!!!

  10. Wolf Lahti disse:

    The three prodigal projects that every woodworker must sooner or later make:

    – Adirondack chair
    – Chess board
    – Cutting board

    (A clock isn't essential but almost as de rigueur.)

  11. Cut food on glued wood ? No thanks

  12. Tomas Barbin disse:

    kaya din yan ng pinoy,,magkano kaya yan?..

  13. mike Braxus disse:

    That's pretty slick…thanks

  14. David Moss disse:

    love the video.. what routing bit did you use?

  15. the glue gives it added flavor fruitcake

  16. Those things not lining up would have driven me mad. Why didn't you cut the board through those areas and reglue world have been perfect then.

  17. PixelOutlaw disse:

    Always great to see a software programmer write a woodworking software. I tend to do a little of both.
    There is just so much boring software for big business today that it is refreshing to see a humble but robust program for home use.

  18. Noah Knopf disse:

    how much did all the wood cost

  19. Seth Aikman disse:

    Did you use a jointer on the edges at all or just go with the sawed edge?

  20. how much did the wood cost you? looks great

  21. 2:39 look closely at the saw blade did you see that blade movement?

  22. Spicy Meat disse:

    Anyone have a clue how fine to sand it down to? In terms of what grit to go up to

  23. Jon Henson disse:

    This video is from a time before you invented the internet in your shop, and found Harry's. 🙂

  24. Paul Castro disse:

    I really don't care what anybody else may say. But I think it turned out gorgeous Steve!!

  25. cool board i am 14 years old and i am starting to sale cutting boards for about $40

  26. aarondavid826 disse:

    what kind of wood is that dark wood?

  27. MrHieco disse:

    This looks cool. It worries me that there is only glue holding it together though. Like, I worry that if I accidentally dropped it it would break easily along one of those lines. How strong is wood glue? I haven't really used it before.

  28. Ernie G disse:

    what program do you use to set up your diagram and materials list for the cutting board

  29. Jake Kim disse:

    I wonder if a curved piece of wood would keep the pieces aligned better.

  30. Your cutting board looks awesome to me! Thank you.

  31. Chris Grogan disse:

    I want to make this same board what are your plans. It's a beautiful board and want to make one for my mother. Could I get the plans for this board

  32. Logan Smith disse:

    The subjects covered in this woodworking book “pepe amazing plan” (Google it) varies from wood types to tool types and also uses. Some other subjects include the various kinds of wood and their distinct levels of difficulty when it comes to dealing with them. If you are still a novice in wood working, then you`ll find this book very useful..

  33. Roger Wilson disse:

    Steve: If you are going to endorse a product ( 1024studios Cutting Board Designer ) you should do your research first. The latest version is loaded with bugs and issues and most people are saying don't waste your money buying it. Even though the software costs only $10 what good is it if it doesn't work properly and you have absolutely no way to contact the designer. He doesn't even respond to negative comments on his YouTube video channels. I've always enjoyed your personal videos until the one where you endorse the cutting board software. Don't ruin your web image or following by endorsing a product with significant faults, Food for thought.

  34. Hi Steve. What was the mineral oil you used for the finish?
    Here in the UK 'mineral oil' is what goes in car engines.

  35. LordMort disse:

    where are good places to get walnut cherry and Oak Wood? All I see at Home Depot is Pine.

  36. drinc21 disse:

    I was wonder where I can buy the wood to make the cutting board online. I have been looking online but not having any luck. Also just so I'm clear all the boards need to be 2 x 6 or bigger, so the cutting board is 1 1/2 thick.