Clamp Storage Ideas | 4 Clamp Racks for Your Shop

Free Harry’s trial set and post shave balm: Enter promo code WOODWORKING at checkout. ▻ You can never have too many clamps, …


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  1. Griptilian disse:

    You do awesome videos and inspired me many times… one of my favorite things I build following your inspiration is my clamp rack! 🙂 Thanks Steve!

  2. why you have so many clamps?

  3. Roger Wevster disse:

    you can NEVER have too many clamps heehee

  4. mrplanet4 disse:

    Long time watcher, first time comment writer 🙂
    I see you have a gluebot or two. i'm considering buying a set. Whattya think of them? Thumbs up or thumbs down?

  5. Jonah Hetrick disse:

    I love this channel so fricken much

  6. Harty1275 disse:

    my wife just asked me what I was watching when Steve said "I'm not happy with this rack"

  7. you should have painted the wall before you rehung the racks! your going to wish you had!

  8. MGN 33 disse:

    That rafters in my basement is where my clamps are

  9. I don't trust in glue. Am I wrong ?

  10. Wildman Tech disse:

    You can never have too many clamps. Sadly, my clamp situation calls to me every time I look at it. MUST …NOT….RE-ENGINEER….yet.

  11. Vincent Fung disse:

    you should paint the wall

  12. LISA Manis disse:

    Hey Steve, I was thinking that the orange color from Harry's signifies they are for UT VOLS, GO VOLS GO !!!! What ya think???????

  13. Nathan Paine disse:

    I like to throw them in the corner that way I get to play pick up sticks when I need one

  14. Dwight OQuinn disse:

    Thanks for the ideas. At present my clamps are not well organized I think I will get to work on that now

  15. Cancun771 disse:

    but sometimes I miss unshaven Steve 😉

  16. Steve about the bandsaw cuts, there are nowadays blades with a variable TPI, the cut they give is really good and accurate. Might be worth a try. I resawed with a 3/4 tpi or "varitooth" 5/8" blade and basically only had to do some minor smoothing to get a finished surface. It changed how I worked with the bandsaw producing such better quality cuts.

  17. Jack Salcedo disse:

    The micro jig ads get me everytime

  18. Storm Ridgway disse:

    I am really interested in the length of your pipe clamps. About to purchase about 10 fittings…

  19. You can get rid of the blade arc by turning the board up on end .

  20. Enjoyed this video a lot. Thank you.

  21. silveravnt disse:


    cats are ALL butt

  22. William L disse:

    Where do you get all this wood? You seem to have an infinite supply of beautiful plywood!

  23. Dirt&Smiles disse:

    What sort of clamps and what size would you recommend for someone starting out?

  24. Steve, I went to the link provided for the plans but it brings me to a like or do not like message. Is there some where you have the plans written out. I can not tell you how much I enjoy your videos. I have another question, where do you buy all your lumber?. I am just getting started and I do not have any wood to speak of. I do have a mill close to the house and I bought a planer, so I hope to venture towards that process. It is people like yourself that makes You Tube a great tool.. Hope to hear from you…….Pete

  25. BeGamerSl disse:

    There is an old woodworking saying that says You can never have too much money.

  26. Fil Dogs disse:

    hey if u r getting rid of some clamps i would like em

  27. David Curtis disse:

    Set the saw blade for the depth you need and stand the wood up on the adge. Simple – and no overcut at all. Or just use a dado blade…..

  28. Buzzy913 disse:

    One does not simply have enough clamps.