Don’t Have a Workshop? Build This Bed With Limited Tools in a Small Space.

No workshop? Don’t have a lot of tools? No problem. You can build this awesome bed! Free plans ▻▻ Get $50 off your first mattress …


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  1. I'm wondering what model that Ryobi saw that you used is? Is it by any chance RSW1600K? In that case we are sort of saw-mates 😀

  2. 5lowethechamp disse:

    Im making this, wish me luck

  3. xericho disse:

    this has been very informative! after a few years of watching your videos, I think I'm going to start building stuff as well, but I only have access to a jigsaw. do you think it's good enough to do stuff like this? thanks!

  4. havoccarter32 disse:

    brilliant project but (and your gonna hate me for this) I ain't got a circular saw. is there another way I can do those half laps? J

  5. خره بخره شبكه ضعيفه جدا

  6. Lt.Squirtle disse:

    What's the wood glue you use ? Seen you use it quite a lot in your projects

  7. What are the measurements your using for the bed frame?

  8. Leisure Mills disse:

    Great job. I love this bed!

  9. tarek disse:

    nice work u make it look easy I'll follow your work .

  10. Ahong Xiong disse:

    I usually hate tutorials with lots of talking but you're awesome! To me you're like Bill Nye the Science Guy.

  11. Copee disse:

    You forgot sleping with grr-ripper

  12. Jeffrey Supit disse:

    Unfortunately this doesn't proof you can built a bed with limited tools in a small space.

  13. Floe Davila disse:

    Is there something wrong with me if I didn't think of the first thing I should be doing on a Casper bed in the first place? (・・;)

  14. Beck SATUB disse:

    Nice project steve …I'll try .tanks

  15. Albireo disse: more tools than a circular saw and a drill..
    Then uses a Clamp
    –Stop watching.

  16. Diogo Farias disse:

    That's an awesome channel!

  17. ᴊᴏʀɪᴄ disse:

    Could you do this with a jigsaw instead of a circular saw?

  18. Steve, could you do a Beginners guide video on picking out a circular saw?

  19. Hey want to make this. Have all the wood cut to length. But don't know what hardware to get. Me and my husband love your vids. And planning on making more projects. We wood like to know if you can do a vid on a coffee table for a living room

  20. Woody120 disse:

    I am addicted to this channel, I need new videos!

  21. thancrus disse:

    I live in a one bedroom apartment. I walk outside to my sidewalk/ porch area and have built several things. Coffee table, end tables, benches and a table all on my small porch. Its kinda how i ended up friends with my neighbors.

  22. Matthew Young disse:

    'The only tools you will need are a circular saw and a drill' then holds up an impact driver?!?!?!

  23. Really enjoyed video yet you use more tools than expected…and no sizing yet ill use for a reference but thanks for great video view

  24. Cancun771 disse:

    'Enter Sandman' made me want a complete Steve-Metallica-Karaoke video.

  25. Great video Steve, really like the basic tools approach, would love to see more of these

  26. That was the funniest thing I ever heard in the end.

  27. Marek Duda disse:

    Great video and great inspiration. Thank you for your great work. I am gonna build bed like this

  28. LadyLahdeedah disse:

    Love your videos! 😀 I'm such a fan 😀

  29. Dude! I like the idea… I work in my home's livingroom/dinningroom/bedroom/kitchen on a foldable homemade workbench, and although I would love to get a workshop.. at least something like a garage, I love to make stuff and get woodworking projects going.

  30. Hey Steve, I love your channel. I'm a college student interested in building furniture, but I live in an apartment in the city. I'm not sure that I'd be permitted to use power tools on apartment property and thus have to use community shops as my build place – which is fine! But I struggle with larger pieces because they are hard to transport. Do you have any tips for making sturdy-yet-lightweight furniture that can collapse, or even be taken apart and reassembled easily?