What’s behind that door? WWMM Shop tour 2014.

I’ll be back with a regular project video on July 11. Until then, here’s a shop tour that viewers have been asking for. —————- Support free woodworking …


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  1. tomoharu912 disse:

    can you make a wooden safe box

  2. Langley Smith disse:

    yes Steve, enjoyed the shop tour. We are setting up our new "Mens Shed" in the central wheatbelt town of Merredin Western Australia and will use some of your storage ideas for our clamps and other tools love your work cheers.

  3. You could put both your dust collection AND your air compressor in your garden shed.  Great videos!  Thanks!

  4. Nathan Sprock disse:

    Put a lumber rack in that blank wall, a HUGE oneto fill up the whole thing.

  5. Nathan Sprock disse:

    Put lumber in your crawl space! not needed wood.

  6. Jake Penick disse:

    Mr. Ramsey have you considered building a tobacco smoking pipe? My friend is graduating from basic in 8 weeks and I'd like to build him a pipe since he loves them. Thanks so much for all you do!

  7. terrydrums disse:

    Why isn't your garage full of spiders like mine? :-/

  8. Spektrum disse:

    So simple to name your cat Kitty. One of my friends named his dog Kitty, his cat Puppy, and another dog of his Squirrel (since the dog has a curly tail). Odd names, but I'm used to it.

  9. RemodelingHQ disse:

    Great workshop….
    If you make a new work bench, raffle off the old one
    Nice video

  10. Brent Gaskey disse:

    Did I see you were using Vegas as a video editor? Love that program.

  11. Easy solution for you lumber storage problem……build more stuff

  12. gsp0113 disse:

    I think the cat and broomstick in the last shot are Steve's subtle clue that he is a practitioner of the black arts.

  13. I think I would go in that shed paint all the walls and ceiling nice bright white and fill in between the studs with shelving you can make from all the wood you got laying around, then go from there.

  14. Chris Bridges disse:

    Thanks for the tour of your shop.  I have just recently discovered your videos here, and I have been on a youtube binge catching up.  You have great videos, and, having been mightily irritated by shows like the new yankee workshop, where every obscure woodworking tool known to man is hanging on his walls…I find your approach and happy friendly attitude and skills to be so much more useful, entertaining, and just basicly fun.   Love the old Ford by the way.  

  15. babalo456 disse:

    You are very very handsome 🙂

  16. muppetonmeds disse:

    Thats an awesome tree in the front yard 

  17. You should watch my shop tour for setup. I also have 2 car garage.

  18. Sam Sabastian disse:

    Hey Steve, how about stating your measurements in metric as well as the old imperial measurement.   As 95% of the world is metric, not many of your viewers now understand inches and feet etc.,,,,  well that is, except for those in the US, and old codgers like me that can still remember what they mean.   So how about getting with the rest of the world hey?

  19. Dale Johnson disse:

    Nice truck. My Dad had a '72 F150.

  20. Dude, your work is fantastic, I would like to see a video explaining how to make your arcade like this one here.

  21. Mark Verdad disse:

    I thought you said purple bitch

  22. Andrew82688 disse:

    A lawn mower in California. Haven't needed that for awhile I bet

  23. Wiriamu disse:

    lol i thought he was goin say my kitty is made of lumber!

  24. david lam disse:

    who do you want to win for the superbowl49

  25. You could say you have lumber coming out of the woodwork

  26. cs's workshop disse:

    Get an x carve for the empty wall spot

  27. You should use the blank wall by the router table to a build chop saw station like the one jay bates has but with a wwmm touch

  28. Tardigrades disse:

    i thought that was a pistol lol

  29. Great tour! Have you though about taking out the back wall where the garden closet is? That would give you more space without building an addition.

  30. my trucks 2012 and has 150,000 km

  31. Katrina disse:

    Please do a shop decluttering video. Even if it is time-lapsed, that would be satisfying to watch.