How to make a patio table. This outdoor table is easy to build!

Just in time for summer, here’s a wood patio table you can make in a weekend. I made mine out of redwood, but you could make this out of pine boards from the …


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  1. You can send exact measures .Plz.tanks.

  2. noreen mosley disse:

    i really love the projects you come up with . thank you for not making them confusing.

  3. Cory Miller disse:

    Looks great Steve! I love your videos! I just created a round kitchen table and used a router screwed to a Jig. It enabled me to cut a perfect circle! But you made the jig saw work! 😉

  4. Why is the miter from the miter saw not accurate enough?

  5. Ron Whitney disse:

    printed out the table planes. but I'm going to make mine 49 inch hight for bar stools. thanks.

  6. Nice movie. However you can make it yourself. Just google woodprix and learn how to do it easily.

  7. KaZi03 disse:

    i have to say thats amazing
    yet i rather the table as an octagon

  8. Mia Andriana disse:

    Great video, I liked it!
    This is 200 pages wooodworking guide with carpentry tips and tricks is very useful for beginners and the 150 premium videos can help any woodworker to hone his carpentry skills. =

  9. gary24752 disse:

    What lumber did you use?

  10. real question. why does lumber always come with rounded edges? is it just the way its processed? idk i feel like its kind of silly to process it like that if most everyone just squares it up anyway..

  11. +Steve Ramsey, what is the model of your jigsaw?

  12. Alex E M L disse:

    Buen trabajo como siempre.

  13. Bill Hamlik disse:

    Greatly done!, if you like to woodwork this way roll up your sleeves and search for Woody Hyezmar’s book for a ton of projects, peace out!

  14. notsalad disse:

    you say you can use pine, for outdoor applications would you need to seal or treat pine to withstand the elements? If so with what?

  15. Kyle Tenazas disse:

    How chairs did you fit in?

  16. Ashwin Kumar disse:

    How did you figure out how long each side of the octagon had to be ? I am sure there is a formula based off the diameter / Circumference of the circle. I was thinking of making one for my firepit, so can you tell me how you calculated the length of the sides ? Thanks !

  17. Look really great, Steve! I want to make a table for the backyard, but sadly i don't have any of the tools 🙁 Well, maybe someday 😀

  18. Table looks great. Thanks for the plans. I have to build one of these. I think I will leave mine octagon and not round it off though. Then rout a bevel around the edge instead of the round over.

  19. Bryan Acred disse:

    Steve, How did you get the center holes on the legs for the table to match up with the table top? I'm a newbie so I am still unsure about things.

  20. Conan Shing disse:

    how much lumber did you end up using in total

  21. Gracias Steve, es preciosa tu mesa, tratarè de construirla

  22. john handcock disse:

    looked way better as an octagon…

  23. Ocliffstud1 disse:

    I think you are awesome as hell, I really admire your skills…..

  24. ElPablo disse:

    Very similar to Mike from Modern Builds, both are really awesome and a style of table i'd like to have someday!

    But… you got there first and your's is better in my opinion (don't tell Mike ;).

  25. Hi. How long were the screws that you used for the pocket screws to initially make the octagon? Really nice work overall. I appreciate the plans and I am going to attempt building this table out of IPE.

  26. love your video's very informative and entertaining. question eye protection is it necessary?

  27. Nice job. Great looking table!

  28. espectacular la mesa!! saludos desde argentina!!

  29. Paul Lane disse:

    What size wood did you use for the edge of the table top?

  30. Justin Leon disse:

    would pine hold up for outdoor use?

  31. dean mills disse:

    lovely really good steve love to see you do one of them folding picnic benches

  32. very nice.
    love watching your videos.

  33. Goran Hinic disse:

    Hello Steve, great explanations! I have a question, are you worried at all about the space between the 1X4 on the top that, I'm guessing, you couldn't fully reach with the finish??