What Can You Do With a Jigsaw? A Lot! | WOODWORKING BASICS

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  1. Peter McKenna disse:

    The Bill Nye of woodworking! Nice!

  2. Great video. I've had a love/hate relationship with my jigsaw ever since I started using one many years ago. I liked what it COULD do, but I never could get anything to come out successfully. My usual problem was that the blades would flex resulting in not square cuts. Your tips tell me 1. I need a new, better jigsaw. 2. I have to use the right blades. 3. I need to properly adjust my cutting speed for the type/thickness of the wood I'm using. THANKS!

  3. Alan Ross disse:

    Hey Steve great video as always. After watching I decided to chuck my old Royobi jig saw for the DW 317 all I found was aDW317k with a u blade not T blade am I missing something?

  4. Adam Bryant disse:

    I have had several cheep "U" mounts that were able to take the "T" but I find the "T" mounts far better even in the el'chepo saws.

  5. This is a great video Steve for the woodworking novices! I'm glad I found this video before I purchased my jig saw.

  6. my cheap third world Black + Decker has a " Universal grip" . It accepts both type of blades. The most common are the Starrets and bosh but Im using a Irwin for over 1 year and still cuts ok. Of course Ive rarelly cut dark wood. Most are plywood. Always were glasses. Speacially people that dont need glasses like me must always remember to were glasses.

  7. Moran Guy disse:

    thanks for the video , I would like to see a project that I can do as a starter diy entirely with the jigsaw
    without table saw or miter saw which I don't own right now and not sure about the space….

  8. BT disse:

    You are such a great instructor! I hope you teach groups of students as they would receive so much… Thank you!

  9. Jaxmany disse:

    Hey! Good video, long life to jigsaw!

  10. Ryan W disse:

    I like to use the jigsaw to cut out dovetails or other joints

  11. Sridhar K disse:

    excellent demo…thanks a lot

  12. ajao omokeji disse:

    please can i have your personal email to discuss with you, i am new to woodwork i need mentor to guild has i open my shop soon

  13. Eli disse:

    Tilting the base to cut angles if you do not have a miter saw is very very handy to have. If you can cut straight it'll do the rest of the work for you.

  14. Brian Tolman disse:

    Two things: those Undertale pieces were on point! Also, I let the whole ad play because your videos are fascinating.

  15. randy rocket disse:

    hey how r u, i have my dads old black and decker probly 30-40 yrs old id say from the 80's i tried 2 use it 2 cut out a patern on a 1×4 of a bird i drew , but it was vibrating like a tiler kept jumping around , i dont know if its just old and worn out since u seemed 2 be able 2 cut easily

  16. ME-DIC! disse:

    LMAO that intro!
    Also, love the Raiders hat!

  17. Emily Shih disse:

    Your advices and tips are really thorough and detail. It is so great for beginner. I learned very much from your videos! Keep it up

  18. thanks for this dude. my question is how to use jigsaw to cut plywood much straighter. or can we use ruler for this?

  19. Tony32 disse:

    I love my Casper mattress, but i don't like the cat that came with it.

  20. Tok A disse:

    omg. you answered almost all of my questions about saws! thank u

  21. M,E Echo disse:

    I enjoyed the info Re: Jig- saw, thank you,  Eddysmiths

  22. This was a great help to a beginner. How do you use a jigsaw on large pieces? Do you recommend a sawhorse if you can not have a worktable?

  23. James Wass disse:

    is it good for cutting straight lines

  24. Kappee Valdez disse:

    is it advisable to mount a jigsaw?

  25. Kent Michaels disse:

    An advantage of mounting your jigsaw upside-down in a table is you are now using the saw so that it is cutting on the down stroke. Since you are almost always cutting with the better side up, you will now have a smoother cut on the good side!

  26. Roquentin disse:

    Some blades have a little hole at the "T", those are for another kind of jigsaw, or that does not matter and we can use it like the ones that does not have any hole? Thanks!

  27. Keith Rayeski disse:

    understandably, I did NOT read through ALL the comments so…..if this has been covered, well, disregard. The front of the shoe you will note are rounded upward….much like the runner on a sled or sleigh. When cutting holes or, sections out of a whole, I don't waste time drilling start holes. Place the saw on the tips of these rounded edges and sloooooowly rotate the saw shoe downward. The blade will easily start itself through the wood. That is all….thanks for a great video……these saws are grossly under used!!

  28. Jigsaw disse:

    I want to play a game

  29. Kyle Gibson disse:

    I had stopped using my jigsaw, because even when cutting slowly, and ensuring I was keeping the saw flat, my blade would flex inside the wood as it cut resulting in a non-square cut. I only use it for very rough cuts now, because I never figured out how to get it to cut squarely.

  30. You are awsome! Just bought a home so now I have space to do something I have always wanted to do. woodworking!! Your videos are very informative. I just bought my first tools today. A jig saw and miter saw!

  31. I was snooping around my garage and i found anbold black jigsaw with a simple switch on the top with no other buttons (that I can see) that has a blade missing, the bit on the bottom used to hold the blade has a flathead screw that would be used to secure it, how do I know what blade to buy to replace it?

  32. astrialinda H disse:

    Love your info! So helpful!

  33. Ismael E.R disse:

    Thanks for the info. I need to learn this skill as I want to build my own speaker pa cabinets.

  34. lillian Chris disse:

    I like the ideas… I would also recommend the program I got https://plus.google.com/u/1/114648213478657962805/posts/cFQ35pam7Tm
     Countless plans and really the best
    instructions I found, learned so much in 2 weeks, warm recommendations 🙂

  35. garry smythe disse:

    as always , great video , would prefer it without music which proves very annoying ,keep up the great work.

  36. Michael Olsen disse:

    Hey Steve. Thank You Very Much for your easy delivery of tons of wood working knowledge. Good Job. Great Delivery.

  37. Sachi Perez disse:

    Cutting with a guide! Almost as good as a table saw….