Build a crosscut sled: essential table saw jig

Making crosscuts on a table saw can be a challenge. A crosscut sled is an essential jig for any table saw to ensure perfect 90 degree cuts every time. More info …


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  1. Aaron Blades disse:

    do you have plans for this? or can you post the dimensions?

  2. Rachel leal disse:

    Thank you for making this video on how to make a crosscut sled..other video scared me about five cut and having special gauges. You truly simplified the process. The way you centered and lined up your front piece make easy sense.

  3. You said you used a steel iron angle. Did you mean an aluminium iron angle or is it too pliable?

  4. Rob Knox disse:

    I'm a complete newbie. Will this crosscut sled prevent kickbacks? I noticed you don't have the riving knife while using this jig. Or is it there and i just cant see it?

  5. Tim Wainz disse:

    Why don't you just use a miter saw

  6. BGT disse:

    Enjoy your videos, nice sled design, have built a couple but this is a very accurate build.

  7. Dylan Miller disse:

    Awesome, thank you for this video

  8. lfcorullon disse:

    Thank you, Steve. This is the best and most effective tutorial I ever seen about this kind of jigs. Regards from Brazil.

  9. Awesome video !! Do you think 1/2 plywood would do well for this sled since there is no stress whatsoever because it fully sits on top of the table saw ? Thanks !

  10. MegaWeagle disse:

    Haha I seen the picture of "other" woodworkers, I literally laughed out loud! Startled the wife as well win, win. 😉

  11. Tom Tomlin disse:

    Nice a simple thanks for the download.

  12. Eric Francis disse:

    Steve, I assume you planned for this when designing your sled, but I couldn't help wondering if the blade could be raised high enough to accidentally make contact with the steel angle?

  13. This is awesome. I'm new to wood work and can't wait to build one.

  14. Dexter x disse:

    Hi Steve, is there a reason why you set the square of the front fence off the blade and not just off the slot it cut?

  15. Joseph Kiloh disse:

    Quick question – they sell aluminum runners for sleds. Did you use wood runners to save on unnecessary cost or do you know something I dont know about aluminum runners?

  16. chris a disse:

    Your bad brother… just bought the craftsman 21807 table saw to venture into wood projects great channel thanks.

  17. Daniel Lewis disse:

    do i need a miter at all why cant i just use the rip fence

  18. "What should we talk about? We could talk about other woodworkers." Subscribed.

  19. Great, fun videos as always. Thanks Steve. Greetings from Mexico.

  20. dccox7 disse:

    seems like it would be heavy… is it? and is it a good thing?

  21. dingus49ovi disse:

    Steve, really like your videos. Just one question, where do you get a steel level? I've looked for one and can only find heavy aluminum and the good ones are quite expensive. Would an aluminum level take any clamping pressure? Tim

  22. Bobby Hopkins disse:

    Why can't you just use your miter saw? A friend and I are genuinely pondering the purpose of a table saw sled. Aside from wider boards, why not just use a miter saw? The fence is already set up.

  23. Hi Steve, Absolutely fantastic video. I was just wonder what the purpose of the fence across the far side of is sled is for

  24. Daadood 1000 disse:

    I like your videos basic tutorials, particular the one with the 45 degree cross cut custom made, but I realize that your table saw that you use is not a t runner it is straight, How would you suggest to make that same thing but with a t runner instead, I am referring to the Ryobi table saw.

  25. Daadood 1000 disse:

    I mean cross cut sled, the problem is that the ryobi table have a t runners not straight you know What would you sudgest how to do it and if you could demonstrate it with a video
    thank you

  26. KenpoMoogy disse:

    I'm building one of these today. Thanks for your videos that are very well explained!

  27. Mike Marshall disse:

    Nice video…

    I am getting ready to build my first 'sled'.

    I have been thinking about using a metal top on my fence, like yours. Actually, I plan to use 1 inch aluminum angle iron, instead of steel.

    I am wondering why you did not use the metal on both the front and back fences???

  28. would using half inch plywood for the actual sled be a problem?