Legend of Zelda Master Sword | Handmade from Wood

Follow me on INSTAGRAM ▻ @SteveInMarin This is my attempt at recreating the black edition Master Sword from The Legend of Zelda. It is all made out of …


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  1. J Parra disse:

    Good job. I want one too.

  2. pikachu1324 disse:

    Me: Hmm, might give it a shot.
    "In order to turn it on the lathe…"
    Me: AHHHHHHH!!!!!!

  3. Scinzon disse:

    Very nice job! It's great to see you getting more into props!
    Wait, does this mean that there's a Dalek video coming…?
    The need to know more intensifies

  4. darf boony disse:

    hi steve! Im a beginner wood worker. I love your videos!
    can you talk about chatoyancy in your next videos? like what kind of lumber has that and what finish can we apply to improve it?

  5. Graeme w disse:

    Hi Steve sweet sword, you didn't go with the purple handle eh ! ran out of paint ?

  6. Herb Bert disse:

    whats the machine used to turn the wood for the handle??

  7. Curv 0987 disse:

    WOW! that looks amazing, good job.

  8. R. Cali disse:

    Never thought Steve would walk away from painting something purple.

  9. Doug Beach disse:

    very cool project. very creative! you made me jump at 6:08 holding those tiny pieces on you drill press that close. I'm glad you feel confident.

  10. Can someone explain that "GRR – RIPPER" joke at the start of almost all of his videos. Is it even a joke, or is it a sponsor on every video.

  11. like I havn't enough to do with my life!!!! now I have to go buy tools for a workshop and build this legendary sword!!!!

  12. Dubs disse:

    The MicroJig ads are hilarious. I subscribed just for those. The great content is the bonus!

  13. Rod Peterson disse:

    Good build. I have 3 sons who are heavy into the entire Zelda Universe. When I do make a set for the boys, I will send you a multi view slideshow.

  14. That looks great Steve! My kid has been asking me to make one for him for a couple of months now. He, of coarse, wants a battle shield too.

  15. Joe Norris disse:

    Damn Steve, you're getting pretty darn good with that lathe. 🙂

  16. Snorre disse:

    Well done ……. Looks real great ……… Greetings, Snorre ……. 😉

  17. Joshie disse:

    I love your videos!

    If you plan on making more wooden sword props in future, I'd totally recommend you try messing around with foil tape for the blade, if applied carefully it can look pretty realistic, and can be rubbed with steel wool for a more used/brushed steel look!

  18. That microjig add starts to be anoying… and i watched only 4 movies from your chanell so far…

  19. Gav Conway disse:

    Nice Saltire bumper sticker

  20. Fil Dogs disse:

    what size chisel did you use

  21. Ginger Ninja disse:

    Dark link master sword that's what it's called

  22. It looks like a real sword that can kill people

  23. KenwolfMC disse:

    Long subscriber and always love the intros!

  24. Is it worth getting one of those spray can holders?