Drill Press Table | Essential Woodworking Shop Project

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  1. Gallande 34 disse:

    Dear Steve, Thankyou for all your work with these videos which I like very much. There is however one video I keep waiting to see from you, and that is on the use of a plunge saw, not just for ripping down large sheets of plywood , but in the use for more accurate wood cutting, after all they have some pretty clever and accurate features with them these days. Is it possible you could do a whole project just using one of these plunge saws, and perhaps show us how they compare to the table saw etc. Thankyou once again.

  2. awesome! super simple and effective!

  3. Mactriz disse:

    Great job , ciao Steve.

  4. Mark Evans disse:

    Nice Project Steve. I like how the base is just a plain board, with a separate fence. Makes it easier to replace the table once it gets worn out.

  5. Came out really nice Steve!!!! Loved the Podcast you just did! See ya bud! Brian

  6. Woody120 disse:

    Steve, do you have any WWMM stickers left?

  7. oneswolf disse:

    Steve, LOVE this video. One of the simplest to follow and simplest to build videos I've seen lately. Seems very useful, even necessary as you say. Definitely on my build list!

  8. Ratdog 305 disse:

    Ok, Steve, watched your video and decided to make one for my drill press. Simple job turned into a two day project! Kept adding this and that and changing things that made it work better! One thing I did notice is that with fence in place, it keeps the wood chips together and easier to clean up. Also works better for my vac system which I incorporated into the table.

  9. Alan Sloan disse:

    Great idea, wish I had it when building my last project

  10. Ezra Smith disse:

    they should call it short shitter bolts

  11. when you have a minute clean the rust off the column on that drill press,its been rusty for years & I hope you have had a tetanus injection!

  12. Jason Carrick disse:

    Steve, thank you so much for this video. I don't have a drill press…yet! However what I was able to take away from this is your simple fence. I have a used "antique" table saw that didn't come with a fence and other fence videos look like way too much! This is exactly what I was looking for!

  13. Tom Costa disse:

    can't wait for tomorrow to see your EZ build What's it going to be ???

  14. like the way you make it simple and  fonctional ty

  15. Hi Steve….I clicked on the bell…you were right, I wasn't getting notifications that you had new videos up…Thumbs up!!!

  16. Jeff Stanley disse:

    Your closing music is so light and upbeat just hearing it makes me feel good.

  17. Hi Ramsey! I am a beekeeper from Algeria could u please make a video about how to make micro nuc!

  18. Good project,now I need to get the right drill press

  19. Indal Singh disse:

    Love your presentation. Easy to follow and quite entertaining. Thank you always

  20. Bill Diehl disse:

    Great project, Steve. Keep up the good work!!

  21. 1Axxonn1 disse:

    i am no woodworkerm nor a craftsmen of any sort, but i love the videos and i know some day all this willcome into the works]

  22. Sam Springer disse:

    Great idea, simple to build and very useful.

  23. TomKaren94 disse:

    Steve: How would you modify the fence to accommodate drilling a line of equidistant holes, like for adjustable cabinet shelves?

  24. Love it… ur are clever man! 🙂

  25. john doe disse:

    Steve, my sons and i built this ! it's a Very good design ! We notched the back of the table to facilitate the handle on the drill press, (Maximized the table size & does not interfere with the fence..) Thank you, we enjoy your videos ! Microjig

  26. TrionAlpha disse:

    I really like this table – great video. Question though, do you have issues in keeping the fence square with respect to the table? Thanks

  27. April Mae disse:

    Great drill table, I'll remember this when I get my new drill press!

  28. thanks, friend. sharing this just saved me a bundle of time and money. be well.

  29. These Microjig intros are extremely amusing

  30. How do you clamp your work when needed?

  31. Nice design, not complicated. I will make one. thanks for sharing.

  32. Bob Nipp disse:

    very nice! One note on spreading glue w/ fingers…the insides of those little foam paint brushes work great for that. Just tear off the foam and what's left is a little paddle with a handle. Cheap and easy, and much less messy! 🙂

  33. Joe G.P. disse:

    nice one, i might actually build this one, as soon as i get a drill press

  34. Brew Guy disse:

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  35. mcorrade disse:

    I like the fact that you use your finger to spread the glue. The best tools are still our hands 🙂

  36. G Sars disse:

    Hey Steve. I'm on the edge of purchasing a drill press, wood router or a wood planer. Not sure which is more useful. I started making wood furniture like entertainment centers and tables. Please reply. Mahalo.

  37. DIYbyBILL disse:

    I made your drill press table. Works great. Thank you very much!!

  38. Steve – Iove your videos and ideas. However, Mathias really seems to have it in for you, doesn't he? Without actually mentioning you, this 3-year old video seems to be saying that all of your drillpress table idea is useless.

    Very pointed comments. Personally, I think he comes across as childish, and too nerdy. Yes, he's clever and good, but I do wish he'd stop perceiving himself as being in a feud with you. Next he'll be telling us that pocket hole joinery is rubbish. Oh wait – hang on….