Improve the Clothes Storage in Your Dresser Drawers With This Cool System

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  1. Heck of an idea, I'll start making mine soon.

  2. Hi Steve, is there any chance you make a video of Sketchup or any other software we can use to plannify our works, would be nice to get a tutorial focused on WW and not just general drawing

  3. Danniel Amyx disse:

    I saw banana slugs in there! Great Idea, we have file cabinet drawers that have the same sort of feature. Great Video.

  4. South Efrikan disse:

    Roll up the tees. Problem solved.

  5. interesting… nice to bridge life and need with project

  6. Really nice! But, why not you try to put a spring into the slot?

  7. Jonny DIY disse:

    Great Video Steve! Ive been paring down the last couple years, but just last nite I was thinking about this exact problem when I was lookin for a white tee! haha thanks for the idea and video

  8. Brew Guy disse:

    Hey Steve your videos are awesome! Definitely gives me inspiration for firing up the wood shop. You should check out a new video app called PEEKS SOCIAL. You can make real money if you are a quality streamer like yourself. It's new so not well known, but has tons of potential. It's big thing is live streaming but you can just upload videos and even do crowd funding now too. Keep being awesome!

  9. deezynar disse:

    Folding clothes is a waste of time, therefore, I hang everything in the closet except for underwear, socks, and short pants.   I buy a whole bunch of matching white socks at one time and throw out the old ones.  Because they all match, I don't waste time pairing up socks, they all get chucked loose into the drawer.  I do own a pair of blue socks, and a pair of brown ones for when I dress up.  They get used once every couple of years.

  10. Nick Kygar disse:

    Steve are you in the Santa Cruz area? Saw that Mystery spot sticker

  11. Your a crafty sum b*tch. Keep up the good work, love your videos!

  12. Could you tell what software you use in this video to make your plan?

  13. The Woodshop disse:

    Hey Steve, are there anyways you can suggest for getting hardwoods for cheap

  14. Steve , I think it is time for you to do a video on Rust Prevention on  cast iron tools. 🙂

  15. Do you have a video of how you made those pipe clamps?

  16. icawn disse:

    Mere Mortals folks. Don't forget. And for that reason…I'm in. Ah crap just came from a bunch of shark tank clips….

  17. Hudson disse:

    Should have made two tracks to make it more stable

  18. Arturo Konig disse:

    maybe the bottom clothes purpose is that we could see the only 3 tshirts we use XD

  19. Great idea. I could see this working for other things. Such as towels and wash cloths.

  20. gealachinion disse:

    Very clever idea! I'm just getting back into woodworking after a long break, and I wanted to start with a smaller project. Would you please consider making a video showing how to make a small pet house that uses no clue and preferably no nails? My chinchillas can devour those little pine homes so quick, and the pet store charges a lot for them! Thanks for your time and unique spring cleaning tip LOL

  21. Hey Steve, what happened to the videos? I was wondering.

  22. Genma Saotome disse:

    Microjig gag… still not getting old. Is it really a product?

  23. You could in some way have put a spring on the other side of the panel to make it automatic.

  24. Frog Kniffin disse:

    hey steve was that an origin tee and if so is it yours?

  25. David Kroscen disse:

    I thought it was ganna be spring loaded

  26. john1947ful disse:

    Interested in your mention of Thumbtack.  Their website seems to be broken.  It opens, but then I can't navigate anywhere to see what their services are.  Seems pretty useless.?

  27. thanks for sharing, a nice idea!

  28. Heaven project us from this thumbnail picture!

  29. v1d300 disse:

    This idea is great but needs a much elegant solution.

  30. Gary Finger disse:

    Great idea, one question thou, where did you find a chest with such deep drawers?

  31. Malissa White disse:

    You should "paten" this great idea.

  32. Nice POC. What about using the same-ish mechanism used inside a stapler to push the staples ??

  33. Mark Warner disse:

    Is that an Origin Jumpworks shirt??

  34. Eric Ritter disse:

    All I'm gonna' say is, Raider Nation!

  35. Eric Hepperle disse:

    It seems angels are everywhere. I love the commentary on decluttering and the storing the shirts on edge is revolutionary. I'm going to try that and the slider is a great solution. Thanks for the awesome and higher-conciousness DIY.

  36. JJKoga13 disse:

    I studied and applied KonMari method myself. You may want to try refining your folding technique. Theoretically each folded item should be able to stand by itself.

    The follow-up book "Spark Joy" has some illustrations of the approach. Beyond that, there are several dozen articles and videos of other people's take on folding.

    That being said, there is nothing wrong with whipping up a solution. Especially if it sparks joy for you.

  37. Case K disse:

    I gotta be honest, I'm writing this comment 5 seconds in because now all I can think about is a burger from In N' Out, animal style!!!!

  38. This could also work great in a bookshelf

  39. nz rockdj disse:

    All that hassle of building a slider just because some Asian bitch says fold you clothes on their edges .. lol .. what a loser.

  40. ian mcfadden disse:

    love your t shirt drawer i will make this for sure

  41. certified30 disse:

    you could have added a spring in the groove to keep constant tension on the T-Shirts, this will keep them folded nicely.

  42. Trevor Dyck disse:

    I love the Micro Jig intro clips. Is there a Steve Ramsey Micro Jig promo compilation video? Because that needs to happen, if not. I'd watch it.