The Gentleman’s Stand (But really, it’s great for ladies too!)

This little stand is great for storing personal items and includes a shoe rack. Download free plans ▻▻ Get your Free 30 day …


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  1. dYna77 disse:

    What kind of wood did you use?

  2. Tom K disse:

    what are those leather looking kicks you have there?

  3. Unmesch disse:

    what about trans people? can they use it too? 😀

  4. Juan Guerrero disse:

    Steve ; I am a fan of yours, because you sometimes talk a lot. But regarding instructions and tips you are very precise and even laconic, You dont try to tell us how much you know, you just show us. Thanks.

  5. Jeff Forbes disse:

    Another good one from Steve! Thanks for sharing.

  6. Great build Steve I think I'm going to build one.

  7. Don L disse:

    still using spray can lacquer, even after your vlog with Idaho Painter and HVLP!  like the project with the knotty front.

  8. Romashk disse:

    Tried complimenting… She looked offended. Next time I'll try on somebody I know.

  9. dflan004 disse:

    where do you get your pre milled lumber?

  10. Why did you leave the sticker on the wood?

  11. keiron mate disse:

    why did it go proper and quiet in the middle?

  12. EcoWood disse:

    Why would anyone keep shoes in bedroom? BTW it's very interesting project!

  13. I made a couple of similar units

  14. james shelton disse:

    What no finger joints on the drawers?

  15. Are you ever going to remove that white sticker on the back piece…

  16. Martin Banno disse:

    anyone else find it funny that so many people are shocked that steve wears shoes inside,

  17. Jacob Byers disse:

    really enjoyed this one. need to do something similar for my side of the bed. great inspiration and techniques! thank you!

  18. Chris Gault disse:

    Did Mathias get ahold of your walls? 🙂

  19. certified30 disse:

    you should change your table saw blade to a flat top grind (FTG) carbide tooth instead of an ATB (alternate Top Bevel) so that your rabbits and tenons are much flatter and cleaner, just an opinion.

  20. Mexie Mex disse:

    I really do love the microjig intros ;^>

  21. BronkBuilt disse:

    Nice build. Rustic Charm is what I call all my screw ups.

  22. longsteed42 disse:

    where's your meow meow beautiful?

  23. Your stand came out nice! Thanks.

  24. You might be competing with Bob over at I Like To Make Stuff for Clamp Champ!

  25. Thanks Steve. This kind of inspiration takes me close and closer to actually make something instead of just watching others make 🙂

  26. Peter Compton disse:

    A nice project Steve, but really??? For ladies too… How many ladies do you know that only need storage for four pairs of shoes ;0

  27. dan guralnek disse:

    Hi steve, can you please build a chaise lounge / pool chair!!!

  28. jayhitek disse:

    My wife definitely does not want to be complimented on her micro jig.

  29. Aaron Nelson disse:

    for the spray lacquer how many coats do you do and what grit sand paper do you use?

  30. Patrick Mason disse:

    Yet another great video, thanks Steve. It does surprise me that you've not got properly setup with a spray gun for your lacquer rather than the disposable things. Might be a good workshop project?

  31. mashed potato disse:

    on the other hand… never compliment a man on his micro jig…