How to Make a Contemporary Dining Table | DIY Furniture

We’ve been needing a new dining table for years! This one is sleek and simple to make. Sponsor▻Take $20 off your first Away Luggage purchase: …


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  1. Mike Dickson disse:

    Good looking table!!!  Don't freak out with the rain, it could be snow … well maybe not where you are LOL!!!!

  2. Nice job! And good of you to get the "Banana Slug" to weigh in too! 🙂

  3. Omar Herrera disse:

    You should make chairs to go with that dining table…

  4. HOT CHOCOLATE RUN…Please do the sf marathon

  5. Jeff Stanley disse:

    Steve, you are doing great. Even luggage makers are paying you.

  6. vikram boyat disse:

    Love your videos, but we get nothing in India what products you promote..

  7. David Watson disse:

    When you attached the skirts to the bottom of the table, which size pocket screws did you use?

  8. Megan Kriel disse:

    Part of the reason I watch these videos is for the Microjig promos. Steve's just so clever. It always makes me laugh

  9. I love how you always design plans and print them out. What program do you use

  10. Nick Hyatt disse:

    Steve what program do you use to do your SketchUp's on

  11. Josh Gunther disse:

    can you add a link to the HYLP gun you used here?

  12. ForvoQuizlet disse:

    Next you need to do a "Geek Chic"-style board game table. Except that it doesn't cost eight million dollars.

  13. joshua hand disse:

    This is what Ikea and the like do. Be butter.

  14. Scinzon disse:

    Was the storm later renamed ""Alfie""?

  15. Mitch Y disse:

    very helpful video. I am getting geared up to make a dining table of my own.

  16. Iris Malis disse:

    I would love to see a gaming table like this. Could this be a possible project in the future?

  17. Chris Brannan disse:

    Since you were so worried about eating through the plywood when sanding the side trim, does that mean you could never refinish this in the future? Does lacquer seal well enough to protect against staining / scratching.

  18. I really appreciate your videos. You've inspired me to go out and buy a table saw and begin working on wood projects.
    I tell you what though it looks easier than it is. My biggest obstacle is measuring and planning. SO THANKS FOR PROVIDING PLANS.

  19. buusama disse:

    Steve, you should try making a baroque table! 🙂

  20. What size compressor are you using with the hvlp?

  21. Thanks for all your great videos Steve!
    No one teaches this stuff better on YT!
    To the point, well thought out, and always entertaining.

    You also don't talk down to your viewers like some other popular channels!

    Keep up the great work!

  22. Great channel, glad I found it. You remind me of Fixit Felix from Wreck It Ralph.

  23. Mohamed Sroor disse:

    it is useful project. you didn't make a useful project for along time. I am flowing you chanel for four years ago. I am interested in furniture project not decorative project. thanks for everything thing that you learned to me.