Make this Box Joint Jig in Minutes! | STEP IT UP

Making box joints doesn’t have to be complicated! Full article ▻▻ ▻Get $50 off your first Casper mattress order: …


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  1. I really like your stuff, Sir, but when you say dado, I have to dislike 🙁 – Nothing like this available outside your country….

  2. Matthew Feith disse:

    Man, I absolutely laughed out loud (AKA, 'LOL') at that intro…

  3. John Fox disse:


    Every time I look at all a DIY box joint jig, I'm like 'too much work for the few times I'd use it'. Maybe someday … but not today.

    What a great and simple method, I greatly appreciate this video!

  4. ekimusman2 disse:

    LOVE your ads. hilarious

  5. Kevin Mooney disse:

    In regards to attaching the backboard to the mitre gauge, may I suggest that a simplified 'dedicated' mitre guage would probably work quite well. What I mean is: Set up a sliding rod for the mitre slot (as you would for a crosscut sled) and accurately (90 degrees) attach a backboard. Whenever you want to make box joints – no more changing anything!

  6. Terry Perry disse:

    dado blades…our home stores never heard of them…Oh Canada

  7. Genious! Thank you for figuring this out ahead of time for us.

  8. Steve
    At sometime in the reastent past past I remember you making a router table and cabnet a 2 part video but I could not find the plans on you website, did you take them down?

  9. M-61 disse:

    Excellent! Thanks, this was very helpful!

  10. TheDublin47 disse:

    Can i use a router to make a box joint jig as we are not allow to use dado blades here in Ireland because of health and safety laws. I know stupid or what

  11. Remus Stoian disse:

    in Europe it is hard, if not imposible to find dado blades. My question is: can I use a router? What would be the disadvantages in using thisI?

  12. John Plaudis disse:

    This is awsome…thanks so much…hope i don't mess it up. I've forgotten how much I love shop class.

  13. Ken Spears disse:

    oh, ah! I like it! Thanks Steve.

  14. Ralph Connell disse:

    Thanks Steve…Hell! I need a table saw!!

  15. Ateopo2 disse:

    Never would have thought to make this jig. Thanks!

  16. bison uberti disse:

    I subbed. Excellent and stressed free video.

  17. Justin Cooper disse:

    thanks for telling me about the gripper unfortunately I didn't buy one immediately in the E.R. NOW

  18. Can we do that with a router instead of dado blades? I guess it (the router) has more options of width, shape, etc.

  19. Jeff Forbes disse:

    Another good one Steve, thanks for sharing.

  20. leeba66 disse:

    Steve ,,thank you for posting this video,last year I made a big complicated box joint fixture,I saw from another video, it worked good but I made it from soft wood and left it in the shop over winter and it warped ,,,It was thinking I was going to have to start all over again with hardwood,it took days to make it.I saw your video and quickly made it,, works great.

  21. Robert Mielke disse:

    An interesting video except that my new DeWalt 745 table saw won't accept dado blades due to its short arbor. I'll be looking for plans for a box jig for use with my router table and mt Porter Cable 690LR router. Thanks for all the great videos you produce. – Bob

  22. Jayd Lawrence disse:

    You get me every time with the microjig thing. ha ha. I forget every time.

  23. thanks. you make it so easy for me
    thank you so match

  24. Bits of Pulp disse:

    OMG THIS IS SO MUCH EASIER THAN REMEMBERING WHAT TURN YOUR ON. "Was it one turn… two and a half.. wait, what was this box for again?"

  25. That was the best microjig ad. Made me lol.

  26. Thanks Steve! You should come over and check out my modified Jay Bates dust collection cart sometime…..getting close to finishing it.

  27. Willy T disse:

    There is a bunch of videos on YouTube demonstrating this technique. This is the best, though.

  28. larry b disse:

    Just bought that dado set. It is lousy for box joints. Will not make a flat bottom. Sorry I listened to Steve Ramsey !

  29. Awesome. you have showed me something useful. thank you.

  30. Simon Norman disse:

    I like to see you do it on a Bansal

  31. faruk gungor disse:

    Amazing solition thank you for sharing.

  32. redwood1957 disse:

    Could you show how to put a lid on that box with box joints? Thanks again

  33. RizKrispin disse:

    Could be made on rails to slide in miter track. Wouldn't take much. As long as alignment is set carefully for 90-degrees, you could simplify the "screw to miter guage" step.

  34. David Handley disse:

    Love your videos Steve…even the ads!! That looks so easy to do I think I'll give it a try. Happy days.

  35. Lou Moritz disse:

    Simple yet effective…………..I LOVE IT !

  36. Love the "Stranger Things" act

  37. crazyzee81 disse:

    Steve I really enjoy all your videos and you make a great spokesman for your sponsors. I have to say this is a fantastic looking system you have here, and I am really looking forward to trying it out myself.